12 Christmas Movies To Get You Through The Festive Season

12 Christmas Movies To Get You Through The Festive Season

If you haven't already watched every single Christmas movie that is available on Netflix here is our run down on 12 of them. The list isn't exhaustive but one or two may just take your festive fancy!

1. The Christmas Chronicles

Undoubtedly the best family Christmas movie released by Netflix this year. Packed with adventure and action, the kids will love it and Kurt Russell as Santa is a triumph!

2. The Holiday Calendar

A very sweet movie about that follows the likeable Abby as she struggles through Christmas and life in general until she gets a gift of a magical advent calendar.

3. Angela's Christmas

A truly beautiful animated short (30 minutes) that will have you reaching for the tissues. When Angela decides to take the baby Jesus statue from the church to keep him warm, the family must return him without getting in trouble.

4. The Princess Switch

Stacey heads off for an international baking competition but meets her double Lady Margaret. She is due to marry the prince but the two decide to swap lives for 48 hours in this Vanessa Hudgens rom-com. Lots of snow, carolling, fairy lights and love.

5. Love The Coopers

Four generations of the Cooper family get together for Christmas before realising that their parents are planning to divorce once the festivities are over. More drama than most Christmas movies and one with a stellar cast that includes Diane Keaton and John Goodman.

6. You Can't Fight Christmas

Leslie is making Christmas beyond magical at the famous Chesterton Hotel. That is until the owners decides to turn the hotel into a money spinning conference centre. Can Leslie change their minds in time for Christmas?

7. The Christmas Prince

Amber is sent to Aldovia to follow a Royal press conference but following her journalistic instincts, manages to get a job in the palace. Meeting Prince Richard, will true Christmas love blossom for them? There's a sequel so you can probably guess for yourself.

8. The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

The follow up to The Christmas Prince. Amber and Prince Richard are planning their wedding but with a national economic disaster looming, an over-bearing wedding planner and too much royal protocol, will these two even make it down the aisle?

9. El Camino Christmas

A Christmas movie that completely bucks tradition. Set in El Camino, Eric goes looking for his father but instead ends up in a hostage situation in a liquor store trying to stop the impending shoot-out. No carol singers here! And that's what makes it really, really good.

10. Once Upon A Holiday

Princess Katherine sneaks away from her entourage in NYC. Soon lost, she befriends Jack and so begins the chance to live a life where nobody knows who she really is. Can Katie have the life she dreamed of or will her Princess duties finally catch up with her. A perfectly lovely Christmas movie!

11. Nativity 2

Actual logical sense has no place in Nativity 2. But it will keep your little ones giggling for an hour and a half. Overall it's a daft Christmas comedy that has a sweet endearing message, even if the plot is utterly bonkers.

12. Christmas Wedding Planner

This may be the worst film ever made. And not even in a ‘so good its bad' kind of way. A truly awful Christmas movie but someone out there might like it! Kelsey is making her debut as a planner for her cousin's wedding. When Conor, the ex returns the plans go haywire as he tries to find dirt on the soon-to-be hubbie.

More Movies and Shows…

We hope you enjoyed our list of Christmas movies to get your through the festive season. If you'd like to view more great films and series from the likes of Netflix and Amazon prime – click here.

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