20 Awesome Family Movies & Series To Watch During Lock Down

20 Awesome Family Movies & Series To Watch During Lock Down

The kids can't go to school, partners can't go to work and it feels like we're living in a disaster movie! The Coronavirus has countries in total lockdown, and the only thing not in short supply is the number of movies and series to watch on Netflix.

However, you're still going to need plenty of recommendations to get through the coming weeks of self-isolation. On this page we take a look at the top 20 family friendly movies and series to watch on Netflix. These titles should be suitable for the whole family to watch together. Grab the popcorn (if you have any) and find a great movie or series you can all watch together.

You can read more about a movie or series by clicking on the links below. My personal favourite series for family viewing on Netflix is LOST IN SPACE. It's the brilliant reboot of the classic 60s Sci-Fi show, it appeals to all age ranges from 12 upwards.

Great Family Films & Series

Season three rounds off A Series Of Unfortunate Events dark gothic comedy with as much energy and vigour as it started. Please, do not lo away. This i...[Read More]

The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix is brilliantly bonkers. From beginning to end the pace is lightening speed and absolutely packed with action. It i...[Read More]

Welcome to the world of the Dark Crystal, the creation of legendary puppeteer, Jim Henson. Follow the Gelfling as they battle the Skeksis, self-procla...[Read More]

This incredibly beautiful short animated film is a triumph. If you're loing for pure warmth and a Christmas movie that will wrap it's arms around you ...[Read More]

Welcome to Jumanji where four teenagers get sucked into a magical video game, becoming the avatars they have chosen, and the only way they can escape ...[Read More]

An understated and feel-good movie about a Frank and his daughter Sam who find themselves with a musical hit on their hands, just as Sam is about to h...[Read More]

When Nick Patterson turns up on the Thompsons doorstep claiming to be a long lost relative, their world gets turned upside down. But is Nick really wh...[Read More]

Follow the the three Bauaire orphans as they outrun and outwit their evil Uncle Olaf in this incredibly theatrical but dark and complex comedy drama. ...[Read More]

In the original 1982 movie, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, Jen, the last Gelfling of the race is tasked with locating the missing ‘shard’ of the Cryst...[Read More]

Mildred discovers that she is a witch and finds herself at Miss Cackles Academy on selection day. Against all the odds, she makes the cut and so begin...[Read More]

Teaching history to kids can be a nightmare. But Kevin Hart cuts through all the boring bits leaving a fascinating collection of stories about unsung ...[Read More]

A funny, quirky teen comedy about a group of misfits who enroll in the Malibu Junior Rescue program for the Summer. Can they prove their worth and win...[Read More]

Tapping into the nostalgia of older viewers, Fuller House is a reboot of the 80's show Full House but now all the kids have grown up and are as funny ...[Read More]

If you're a fan of Hallmark movies then this is definitely for you. Follow Cassie Nightingale and her family as they enchant the residents of Middleto...[Read More]

Time is the most important ingredient as four teams race against the clock to bake the best tasting sweets and cakes over three rounds to win $10K. If...[Read More]

This brilliant remake of the cult TV show is great fun for all the family. If you were a fan of the original you will this and with each episode runn...[Read More]

A smart teen show packed with mystery and plot twists, Greenhouse Academy is much than meets the eye. More high brow than Project Mc2 and Annedroids,...[Read More]

Brain Games has successfully managed to be both great fun and educational which is quite an achievement. It's perfect for kids and families as it's so...[Read More]

We are all missing something in our lives, in a lonely world where we all want to be understood. Sometimes the answer comes from the most unexpected o...[Read More]

Fans of the Boss Baby can get another fix of this cute but ruthless infant in his new Netflix series: Boss Baby - Back In Business.

Don't forget we also have reviews of movies and series for Action, Drama and Sci-fi to name just a few of the genres you might be interested in exploring.

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