The Next 365 Days – Will We Ever See Massimo & Laura Back On Netflix in 365 Days 4?

365 Days 4 - When's It Coming

I don't want to be accused of click-baiting you with a headline that's not accurate, so let me say upfront that there is no confirmation that 365 Days 4 is coming to Netflix!

But wait, before you click away in disappointment, I have uncovered a few clues about a potential next 365 Days movie.

The 365 Days franchise has been a massive hit on Netflix, with the first movie becoming one of the most-watched films on the platform shortly after its release in 2020.

Two sequel films 365 Days: This Day and 365 Days: The Next 365 Days were released on Netflix in 2022.

All three movies are based on a trilogy of books by Polish author Blanka Lipinska.

They follow the story of Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), a young woman kidnapped and held captive for 365 days by Mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone).

Will There Even Be 365 Days 4 Movie?

Before answering whether the movie will be on Netflix, we need to ask a more pressing question. Will there even be a next 365 Days film?

This is what we know so far: we've had three books and three movies. So, it's logical to think there could be 4th movie. But no fourth book exists.

The ending of the third movie leaves things rather open-ended between Massimo, Laura, and Nacho. So, the story could continue in a 365 Days 4 movie.

However, with no source material for the movie to follow, that would normally be a time-consuming problem, but I wouldn't be surprised if Blanka Lipinska is tapping away at a fourth book as we speak.

Another option would be to write 365 Days 4 directly for the screen and bypass a book altogether.

This might be the most likely scenario, as the films haven't always been faithful to the books anyway.

Michele Morrone Teases Followers

The author of the 365 Days trilogy, Blanka Lipinska, has been extremely tight-lipped about the possibility of a fourth 365 Days.

Following the third film's release, Michele Morrone (Massimo) posted the following to Instagram: “The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows….”

Many of his followers quickly speculated that the post could be a hint that 365 Days 4 could be in the works.

So, while we can't say for certain that 365 Days 4 is happening, my money would be on another movie coming to Netflix at some point in the future.

Will 365 Days 4 Ever Be On Netflix?

Let's look at the previous release schedules and see if we can make an educated guess as to when a fourth movie might become available.

On the 14th of May 2021, Netflix announced that 365 Days 2 & 3 were entering production and being filmed back-to-back.

Less than a year later (April 27, 2022), the second movie dropped on Netflix, followed by the third on the 19th of August 2022.

By now, we would have hoped that some news about a potential new movie would be out there. But, despite searching high and low, there is absolutely NOTHING about 365 Days 4.

Lipinska doesn't have a follow-on book in the works, there is no production schedule, not even at the ‘optioned' or ‘script' stage, and Michele Morrone is currently promoting his new album and modeling career.

Honestly, I think the chapter has closed on 365 Days. Everybody involved seems to have moved on, and with no more news, it looks like we'll have to be content with the way the story of Massimo and Laura has ended.

“Are you back, baby girl?”

If Netflix decides to film the fourth movie, we will keep you updated.

365 Days was a huge success, reaching the top three most viewed items on Netflix in numerous territories, including Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Portugal, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and the United States.

If you're looking for more shows and series like 365 Days, we've got you covered.

365 Days Trilogy Recap

The first movie begins with Laura, a sales director from Poland, who is unhappy in her relationship.

During a trip to Sicily, she is kidnapped by Massimo, a powerful Mafia boss. He tells her that she has 365 days to fall in love with him.

Despite the initial shock and fear, Laura starts to feel attracted to Massimo. The movie follows their complicated relationship, filled with intense emotions, passion, and also some dangerous situations.

They face challenges and dangers, especially from Massimo’s criminal life. By the end, Laura seems to be in danger, leaving a cliffhanger.

365 Days: This Day (2022)

The movie picks up from the cliffhanger. Laura survives, and she and Massimo get married. However, their married life is not smooth.

They face issues, including trust problems and external threats. Laura feels neglected and starts getting close to another man, Nacho.

Meanwhile, Massimo is dealing with a twin brother, Adriano, who causes more trouble.

The film explores the complexities of their relationship, the influence of Massimo's criminal activities, and Laura’s internal struggles.

The movie ends with another dramatic turn, leaving the audience in suspense.

The Next 365 Days (2022)

The final movie continues to explore Laura and Massimo’s turbulent relationship. Laura is caught between her feelings for Massimo and Nacho.

The love triangle intensifies, with more drama and emotional turmoil. Massimo struggles to change and be a better partner for Laura, while also dealing with the ongoing criminal threats.

The movie portrays their journey of love, lust, and conflict, with several steamy scenes.

In the end, Laura has to make a crucial decision about her future and choose between Massimo and Nacho.

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