Shows Like Brainchild – 5 Clever Series Kids Will Love


If you've watched Brainchild, and want more shows that will boost your kid's brainpower, we have 5 smart suggestions just for you.

Brainchild is a cool & clever documentary series from Netflix which aims to inform and entertain kids. It explains the crucial things that all kids should know. It doesn't dumb things down but nor does it make things so complicated that kids are put off.

Our list is considered family-friendly viewing. The series and documentaries we've chosen below should be suitable for most children aged 7+. However, only you can judge the suitability of these shows for your own children.

We've included the documentary series Our Planet which occasionally shows animals in distress and dying. As such, this documentary may not be suitable for younger children.






Hopefully one of these shows will keep you entertained until the next season of Brainchild drops. If you're looking for kids movies and series – be sure to check out our guide to the latest Netflix & Amazon kids series here.

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