6 Devilishly Good Shows Like Lucifer

6 Devilishly Good Shows Like Lucifer

Lucifer fans will be eternally grateful to Netflix for resurrecting devilishly good show after Fox cancelled at the end of season three.

Netflix originally picked up the series for a fourth and fifth season of ten episodes each. However, the success of season 4 was so phenomenal that season 5 was given 16 episodes. AND season 6 was ordered. Lucifans rejoiced!

As such the second half of Season 5 has just dropped and topped the Netflix charts around the world. Season 6 has already finished production but don't expect to see it any time soon. Like past seasons, we could be waiting until May 2022 until our favourite devil returns to our screens. Unless of course, Netflix split it into two parts and air the first half sooner…

In the meantime, you will definitely want to fill the gap left by Lucifer Morningstar so check out the following shows that are sure to keep you bingeing.







Hopefully one of these shows will keep you entertained until the next season of ‘Lucifer‘ drops – If you're looking for fantasy movies and series – be sure to check out our guide to the latest Netflix & Amazon Fantasy series here.

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