6 Devilishly Good Shows Like Lucifer

6 Devilishly Good Shows Like Lucifer

Lucifer fans will be eternally grateful to Netflix for resurrecting devilishly good show after Fox cancelled at the end of season three. Netflix picked up the series for a fourth season of ten episodes, which recently dropped on the streaming service.

On June 6, 2019, Netflix announced Lucifer was coming back for a fifth and final season. However, fans will probably have to wait until 2020 to catch the ultimate battle between good and evil. Until then you might be looking for more shows like Lucifer? Well, we have six excellent series that make for heavenly viewing.







Hopefully one of these shows will keep you entertained until the next season of ‘Lucifer' drops – If you're looking for fantasy movies and series – be sure to check out our guide to the lastest Netflix & Amazon Fantasy series here.

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