9 Unmissable Netflix Original Shows

9 Unmissable Netflix Original Shows

So here's the thing about Netflix. Whenever you join all you see is their newest additions. Shows and movies that have recently dropped are all well and good but what about the gems that came out last year or the year before? The shows that were big before you joined. Where are they?

It can actually be quite difficult to find them among all of the new releases so I've compiled a list of 9 incredible Netflix original shows that you may have missed.

They cover all genres and have been hugely successful so no matter what you fancy, you are bound to find one on this list of the best Netflix original shows.

By the way, I found it reeeeallly tricky to whittle this list down to just nine shows…if I've missed any just leave a message in the comments and I may do a ‘Part 2'.










Netflix continually turns out great shows, but there are also a few duds so finding the good ones isn't always easy. So save yourself the time endlessly scrolling through the options and try one of the suggestions above!

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