Acapulco Season 3 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Apple TV+?

acapulco season 3

Apple TV+'s Acapulco paints a nostalgic and vibrant picture of the 1980s through the eyes of Máximo Gallardo, a character who dreams big and laughs even bigger.

With Eugenio Derbez at the helm, the series is a sun-soaked exploration of dreams, drama, and the hilarity of life's unexpected turns.

Set against the backdrop of a luxurious Mexican resort in the 1980s, Acapulco tells the story of young Máximo Gallardo, whose recent employment at the resort promises to be the golden ticket to his dreams.

The job, however, is not all sun and fun. It's also a minefield of challenges that Máximo must navigate.

Through his eyes, we experience the juxtaposition of lavish lifestyles and personal struggles, all wrapped in the warmth of Derbez's storytelling.

With two seasons already in the bag and available on Apple TV+, you probably want to hear some good news about Acapulco season 3. And we're here to deliver!


We've known for quite a while that Acapulco was definitely getting a third season. Apple TV+ made the announcement back in January 2023 and we couldn't be more excited.

The hit Apple Original comedy series has been green lit for a 10-episode third season, which was scheduled to begin filming soon afterwards.

Each of the previous two seasons, were released in the same year and it looks like Apple TV+ is sticking to its format (sort of).

We can confirm that Acapulco season 3 will be released on May 1st 2024.

It's probably a little later than expected but Apple TV+ had a slew of mega hits already penned in for the back end of 2023 including Killers of the Flower Moon, Napoleon, Monarch and The Family Plan starring Mark Wahlberg.

Rather than let Acapulco season 3 fly under the radar, they waited until May 2024 to roll around so we can all bask in the sunshine of the show.


Acapulco is the story of Máximo Gallardo's life. And it starts when, as a young man, he lands a job at the hottest resort in Acapulco.

It's his dream and a chance to escape his modest upbringing. Young Máximo's enthusiasm is palpable as he steps into the glitzy world of the Las Colinas resort, a place where every guest's whim is a command.

However, Máximo quickly discovers that the face of Las Colinas masks a lot of challenges behind the scenes.

He's thrust into a world that operates on a different set of rules, one where wealth and privilege dictate the pace.

And soon, his initial excitement is tempered by the difficulties of service work, where he must maintain the façade of seamless perfection even when things aren't going well.

He navigates tricky guests, demanding bosses, and the competitive staff, all while trying to preserve his sense of self and moral compass.

Acapulco is a truly unique show that perfectly balances the comedy and drama, highlighting a universally relatable theme. It is about the pursuit of dreams and the reality checks that come with it.

If you've ever wanted for something more in your life, then Acapulco is the show for you.


Acapulco season two picked up right on the heels of season one, continuing to tell the story of 20-something Máximo.

In 1985, Máximo must contend with upheaval at the resort, unexpected problems at home and a new love interest as he sets his sights on one day running the entire Las Colinas operation.

In season Acapulco season 3, it’s a time of reconciling past mistakes and exciting new beginnings.

Older Máximo finds himself returning to a Las Colinas he no longer recognises. While in 1985, younger Maximo continues his climb up the ladder of success while potentially jeopardising all the relationships he’s worked so hard to build.


Surprisingly, Acapulco is not actually filmed in the Mexican city of Acapulco.

Instead filming takes place in locations that can double for the beautiful scenery and ambiance of Acapulco during the 1980s.

The primary location for the series' production is in Puerto Vallarta, another stunning beach resort city on Mexico's Pacific coast.

Puerto Vallarta effectively stands in for Acapulco while providing the necessary infrastructure for a smooth filming process.


Enrique Arrizon plays Máximo Gallardo, a young, ambitious man whose new job at the resort offers him a glimpse into a world of wealth and opportunity.

Eugenio Derbez portrays the older Máximo Gallardo, who, in the present day, recounts his youthful adventures to his nephew Hugo.

Fernando Carsa is Memo, Máximo's best friend and sidekick.

Damián Alcázar plays Don Pablo Bonilla, the manager of the Las Colinas resort.

Camila Perez portrays Julia González, a bright and beautiful employee at the resort who captures Máximo's interest.

Vanessa Bauche is Nora Gallardo, Máximo's mother, who is both protective and pragmatic.

Rafael Cebrián plays Hector, the lifeguard at the resort who is seen as the epitome of cool.

Jessica Collins stars as Diane, an American guest at the resort, who represents the wealthy clientele that Máximo has to cater to.

Regina Reynoso is Sara, Máximo's sister, who provides insight into Máximo's family life and background.

Ricardo Cañamar is the voice of older Hugo, to whom older Máximo recounts his tale.

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