Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Aggretsuko, also known by its original Japanese title Aggressive Retsuko (アグレッシブ烈子), is a Japanese animated comedy based on the character created by “Yeti” for the mascot company Sanrio.

An original anime series adaptation was launched on Netflix in April 2018 and quickly gained a huge following.

So much so that a second season was confirmed and was released in June 2019, which was then followed by the third season in August 2020 and the fourth season in December 2021.

Netflix has now confirmed that a final season, Aggretsuko season 5, is on its way.

But for those of you not sure what it is all about, here's a quick recap.

What Is Aggretsuko About?

Retsuko (a red panda), is a female office worker who has a very specific method of coping with the daily grind.

When it all gets too much she quietly locks herself away and screams death metal to burn away her frustrations with riotous anger.

Most of Retsuko's problems stem from her office job (we all know that feeling!). Each character in Aggretsuko is represented by an animal.

Office boss Director Ton is a grossly large pig that shamelessly practices his golf swing rather than work. Komodo Dragon supervisor Tsubone pushes extra work onto Retsuko and then snakes her tongue in delight at watching her fail.

Brown nosers come in the shape of meerkat Komiya who hangs on the Director’s every word, and gazelle Tsunoda. The latter is more calculating and uses her femininity to flatter her way into favour.

When Retsuko takes the strain all day and lets loose with death grunts and ugly grimaces in a private booth at her local karaoke club, the leap from animation to real life is not that far.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

With four seasons already in the bag, Netflix have confirmed that Aggretsuko season 5 will also be the last one.

We also know that the popular Japanese anime will be dropping in February 2023, though no specific date has yet been confirmed.

Where To Watch Aggretsuko

Retsuko, the main character in Aggretsuko is from Sanrio, the company associated with creating Hello Kitty.

Following a series of shorts, aired in Japan, Netflix then commissioned the series which is heading into it's fifth and final season.

As it is a Netflix Original, that is the only place you can watch Aggretsuko.

How Many Seasons And Episodes Of Aggretsuko?

To date there have been four seasons of Aggretsuko, all of which are available on Netflix.

Each season has 10 episodes, so currently there are 40 in total. However, a fifth and final season, with another 10 epidoes, will be released in February 2023.

There was also a Christmas special released in December 2018. So in total, when it ends, Aggretsuko will have five seasons and 51 episodes.

What Are the Animals And Who Voices Them?

Retsuko – the main character is a Red Panda, Erica Mendez

Director Ton – Pig, Josh Petersdorf

Fenneko – Fennec Fox, Katelyn Gault

Haida – Spotted Hyena, Ben Diskin

Director Gori – Gorilla, G. K. Bowes

Ms. Washimi – Secretary Bird, Tara Platt

Tsunoda – Gazelle, G. K. Bowes

Komiya – Meerkat, Todd Haberkorn

Tsubone – Komodo Dragon, Debra Cardona

Kabae – Hippo, Misty Lee

Resasuke – Red Panda, Max Mittelman

Anai – Japanese Badger, Billy Kametz

Tadano – Donkey, Griffin Burns

Hyodo – Leopard, SungWon Cho

Manaka – Chinchilla, Deva Marie Gregory

Inui – Borzai Dog, Abby Trott

Himuro – A Persion Greyhound known as Saluki, Trevor Devall

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