Best Polish Shows And Movies On Netflix – Not To Be Missed

Best Polish Shows And Movies On Netflix – Not To Be Missed

Netflix has done a lot for the tv and movie industry. But the biggest impact it has had is introducing the world to the best Polish shows and films.

In what probably came as a huge shock to everybody, non-English series make up 50% of the most viewed shows on Netflix in the world.

From Money Heist to Squid Game, we have embraced content that we wouldn't normally see on tv.

Most recently, High Water, the Polish drama about the Millennium Flood in 1997, made a splash and was riding high in the Top 10 most-watched shows in the UK.

And once people realise how good Polish shows are, they start searching them out and watching them in their millions.

So just what are the best Polish shows and movies on Netflix? We have compiled a list of our nine favourites.

Crossing genres from drama, mystery, romcom, thriller and even documentary, there is definitely something for everyone on this list.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the best Polish shows and films streaming on Netflix right now.


Where To Watch Polish TV Shows?

As you already know this is a an article about the Polish shows you can watch on Netflix. To be fair, they are the market leaders when it comes to providing a huge amount of tv content from Poland.

Whether you want mystery, drama, crime, or comedy, Polish shows deliver the goods. So if you're looking for a live casino in Polish or a great story about the Millennium Flood that hit the country in 1997, Netflix is where to find it.

Apple TV+ only create their own productions so without the ability to import the best that Poland has to offer, they are lagging behind. Likewise with Disney Plus.

Amazon Instant Video fairs a lot better with a lot of Polish movies available on Prime, if you have a subscription.

For now though, the best place to get your fix of drama from Poland is Netflix.

Did You Know…

  • The first film produced in Poland following the World War II was Zakazane piosenki in 1946. Directed by Leonard Buczkowski, from than 10.8 million people, from a population of 23.8 million went to see it in the cinema.
  • In 1982, Ryszard Bugajski's film Interrogation (Przesluchanie), was given a seven-year ban for being ‘anti-communist'.The film which depicts the story of an woman who is tortured by the secret police into confessing a crime she knows nothing about. In 1989, the ban was repealed after the overthrow of the Communist government.
  • The only Polish Director to win an Academy Award for Best Director is Roman Polański for The Pianist in 2003.
  • Poland has only won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film once and that was Ida, from Paweł Pawlikowski in 2015.

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