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Lost In Space

Netflix's Lost in Space is a reimagining of the classic TV series from the 1960s. It tells the story of a family of space colonists whose ship wanders off course. The show has been heavily promoted on Netflix, and the reviews have been favourable. So if you're looking for a new sci-fi series to watch, Lost in Space is a terrific choice!

However, if you've already seen the series on Netflix, you might be wondering where you've seen the cast members before?

It's not surprising that many of the actors and actresses on the series have appeared in other movies and shows. So check out the cast below and the other roles they've played.

Who Are The ‘Lost In Space' Cast?


Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson

Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson: She serves as Jupiter 2 mission commander and aerospace engineer.

In hopes of building a new life on a better planet, she takes her family to colonize Alpha Centauri. Judy, Penny, and Will Robinson are her children. She is married to John Robinson. (Molly's Twitter)

Molly previously appeared in two Netflix features, including the crime drama Small Crimes and the Stephen King adaptation 1922.


John Robinson Lost in Space

Toby Stephens as John Robinson: John is Maureen's husband and a former US Navy SEAL. Penny and Will are his children, and Judy is his stepdaughter.

Actor Toby Stephens has starred in many feature films over his long career, including 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Severance, and Die Another Day, as well as numerous TV shows, including The Camomile Lawn, Sharpe's Challenge, and pirate drama Black Sails. (Toby's Twitter)


Judy Robinson Lost in Space

Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson: Maureen's eldest child and a brilliant doctor who serves as mission surgeon. At age 18, she earned her medical license.

Taylor became known for her role in the TNT science fiction series Falling Skies (2015). She then starred in the 2021 movie Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. (Taylor's Insta)


Penny Robinson lost in space

Mina Sundwall, as Penny Robinson, Maureen and John's younger daughter, becomes inspired to write about her experiences on the journey through space.

Unfortunately, she also sneaks out of the family spaceship often! This causes her and her family much trouble.

In 2014, Mina appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Since then, she has also worked on several movies, including the 2015 film #Horror. (Mina's Insta)


Don Lost in Space

Ignacio Serricchio as Don West: Don West is a ship mechanic and smuggler of luxury goods. He's joined by his lucky chicken Debbie!

Ignacio is an Argentine actor best known for playing Alejandro “Alex” Chavez on The Young and the Restless.


Dr Smith

Parker Posey as June Harris / Zoe Smith: To gain entry to the Resolute, the sneaky ‘Doctor' takes on her sister's identity. During the first attack, she steals and alters Dr Zachary Smith's credentials, becoming “Dr Zoe” so she can take his seat on an evacuating Jupiter ship.

It might be tricky to remember where you've seen Parker Posey before. She was labelled “Queen of the Indies” for starring in a succession of independent films throughout the 1990s.

Her other notable film roles include You've Got Mail and Scream 3. She's also guest-starred in numerous series, such as Will & Grace, Boston Legal and Parks and Recreation. (Posey's Insta)


The youngest child of Maureen and John forms an emotional bond with the Robot, which he saves from destruction during a forest fire.

The 16-year-old Lost In Space actor has recently been cast as the younger version of Jack Reacher in the new Amazon Prime series!


Robot - Lost in Space

Brian Steele as the Robot: Will meets this alien Robot after their ship crashes. Will's Robot becomes his guardian and friend as the series progresses.

The actor's film credits read like a who's who of monsters, as he has played the following creatures on screen: Werewolf, Sharkmouth, Jumbo the Elephant God, Bear, Sasquatch, Minotaur and a robot in Terminator!

What The Cast Say About The Series

Molly Parker said,

Lost in Space belongs on Netflix. The story of the Robinson family and their voyage to find a new world has universal appeal, and I can't wait to see how audiences around the world respond to this re-imagined version of one of the most beloved classic science fiction tales of all time.”

Toby Stephens said,

“As one of my all-time favorite stories, Lost in Space has always been one of the projects I wanted to work on.

“So when I heard Netflix was interested in doing a modern retelling of the story, with Parker Posey as June, I couldn't believe my luck. This is a dream come true.”

Maxwell Jenkins said,

“I'm so fortunate to be a part of this retelling of a classic story. I can't wait to see what my character goes through and how my relationship with the other characters changes throughout the series.”

What Is Lost In Space About?

Following the catastrophic event that threatens humanity's existence in 2046, the Robinson family is selected to participate in the 24th mission of Resolute (24th Colonist Group), an interstellar spacecraft carrying selected families and civilians to colonize Alpha Centauri.

Unfortunately, before they reach their destination, an alien robot breaches the Resolute hull.

Scores of colonists, including the Robinson family, are forced to evacuate the mothership in numerous short-range Jupiter spacecraft and crash on a nearby habitable planet.

In this strange environment, they must deal with the hostile environment and search for a way home.

Should I Watch Lost in Space?

This is a great family show that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As the Robinson family finds themselves lost in space, they must use their wits to survive.

This series will appeal to all ages from young kids, teens and adults.

How Many Seasons?

Lost in Space has three seasons in total.

Season one premiered on April 13, 2018, with the second season arriving on December 24, 2019.

On December 1, 2021, the series' final and third seasons premiered.

Reviews Of Lost in Space

The movie review website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 68% approval rating based on 75 reviews.

The website review writes, “Lost in Space is a bold and ambitious production with deep space exploration as its backdrop.

“The story's heart adds an emotional anchor to all the drama, making it accessible for sci-fi adventure lovers or newcomers looking at this genre from fresh angles.”

IGN gave the first season an 8.5/10 rating, calling it “an excellent sci-fi adventure with a slight villain problem.” In my opinion, that's completely false.

Dr. Smith in the reimagined series is a much better character than the villain in the original!

Vulture described Posey's performance as Dr Smith as providing “underplayed, cunning comedic touches”, which is a much more accurate description.

Awards And Recognitions

Lost in Space has been nominated and won several awards.

  • Compositing for a photoreal episode won an award from the Visual Effects Society.
  • Visual Effects Society Awards in the category of Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project
  • Visual Effects Society Awards in the category of Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode or Real-Time Project


  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects at the Primetime Emmy Awards
  • Saturn Awards in the category Best Actress in a Streaming Presentation
  • Saturn Awards in the category Best Streaming Science Fiction, Action, & Fantasy Series
  • Saturn Awards in the category Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Presentation
  • Saturn Awards in the category Best Supporting Actress in a Streaming Presentation

So, if you have not yet watched the series, watch it now. You won't be disappointed.

If you'd like more suggestions on what to watch next, visit our Sci-fi page for more great series from Netflix, AmazonPrime and Disney+.

Words by Neha Jadeja

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