Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Amazon?

Clarkson's Farm season 3

With Clarkson's Farm season 3 on the way and a huge success, by his own admission, Jeremy Clarkson sort of fell into farming.

He owned an existing farm which was managed by somebody else and when that person decided to retire, he decided to give it a go.

This, of course, was before the pandemic when he already had another season of The Grand Tour lined up, and then the world shut down.

So Jeremy Clarkson very wisely decided to pitch the idea of Clarkson's Farm to his team at Amazon, and so began a journey that has done more for British Farming than anything that has ever come before it.

He chronicled his farming exploits weekly in a British newspaper, published an accompanying book and managed to film what went on to become one of the most successful Amazon Prime shows ever made.

So now the big question is, after two successful seasons, when is Clarkson's Farm season 3 coming to Amazon??

Clarkson's Farm Season 3 Release Date

Thankfully we won't have to wait as long for Clarkson's Farm season 3 as we did for the second season.

Absolutely nobody could have predicted how well received the first season would be, and by the time it aired, the next farming season had already begun meaning the filming had to be delayed for another year.

That is why we ended up with a two year gap. However, Amazon quickly learned their lesson and renewed the show for a third season in October 2022, months before the second had even aired.

But farming isn't like making a regular show. Crops don't grow faster simply because they're being filmed!

Filming for season 3 began almost immediately after the second season ended and thankfully enough time has now passed that we have an official release date for Clarkson's Farm season 3. New episodes will drop on May 3rd 2024.

Clarkson's Farm Season Recap

Starring the iconic Jeremy Clarkson, Clarkson's Farm takes us on a journey through the trials and tribulations of farming, showcasing the realities of agriculture in the UK.

It is centered around the challenges faced by Jeremy as he attempts to manage a 1000-acre farm in Oxfordshire. From dealing with extreme weather conditions to the complexities of modern farming equipment, it is a compelling show that will keep you hooked.

While it is ostensibly a documentary about farming, it also tackles larger issues related to environmentalism, sustainability, and the importance of preserving traditional ways of life. The tone is humorous and light-hearted at times, but it never shies away from the serious issues that are at the core of the show.

Jeremy Clarkson is the heart and soul of the show, bringing his unique personality and humor to every scene. But the supporting cast is equally impressive, with memorable and likable characters, such as Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hogan, and Charlie Ireland, who bring their own perspectives and experiences to the table.

It strikes a perfect balance between informative and entertaining, never feeling too slow or too rushed. The dialog is witty and engaging, with plenty of memorable one-liners that had me laughing out loud.

Overall, Clarkson's Farm is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys documentaries or has an interest in farming and the environment. It's an engaging, informative, and entertaining series that left me feeling inspired and entertained. Highly recommended!

Clarkson's Farm Season 3 – What Will Happen?

Firstly this is a documentary so there's no real plot per say. However, in the first season Jeremy tackled sheep on his farm, but having failed spectacularly at getting them under control, opted to bring cattle on to the farm in season 2.

And anybody who follows him on Instagram will know that season 3 involves a herd of cute goats and pigs.

We will undoubtedly follow the on going drama of farming red tape and regulations, issues with the farm shop, and see if he finally got his restaurant opened.

More importantly, it will be good to see if he can actually make any money out of it!

Where Is Jeremy Clarkson's Farm?

Jeremy Clarkson's farm, featured in the Amazon Prime series Clarkson's Farm, is located in the Cotswolds region of England, specifically in the village of Chadlington in Oxfordshire.

The farm was renamed Diddly Squat and spans over 1000 acres of land and includes a mix of arable and pasture fields, as well as areas for wildlife conservation.

How Many Episodes Of Clarkson's Farm Are There?

In both the first and second season there were eight episodes so if you ahven't watched them, there are now a total of 16 episodes to watch.

Season 3 will have another 8 which will bring the total up to 24 episodes when it airs.

Should the show get renewed for a fourth season, it is likely to follow the same format.

How Much Does Kaleb Get Paid?

It is not publicly disclosed how much Kaleb Cooper, who is Jeremy Clarkson's farm assistant in the series gets paid for his work on the show.

The exact details of the employment agreement between Kaleb and Clarkson are not known, and it's likely that any compensation for his work is confidential.

Regardless of his pay, Kaleb's hard work and engaging personality have made him a fan favorite on the show.

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