Classic Casino Movie Scenes We’re Still Talking About

Classic Casino Movie Scenes We’re Still Talking About

Casinos have long been a huge draw for the silver screen, due to the natural excitement, tension, and potential for huge rewards or great losses. We’ve picked out a few of the choicest morsels from a smorgasbord of classic movie scenes, as well as pointing out the ease with which the top online Canadian casinos can now be enjoyed.

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Lots of classic film moments are beyond the reach of ordinary people, whether that’s blowing up Death Stars or the rather less welcome experience of xenomorph pregnancy.

Casino film fans can, however, get to see what it’s like to bluff at poker, spin the roulette reel, or see how they fare with playing live blackjack. For now, it's probably easier to play at online casinos rather than in-person, but online betting websites frequently offer live casino options which come with all the convenience of playing from home.

For instance, here you can easily access many top Canadian online casinos to experience the best games from the silver screen, including poker, baccarat, and blackjack.

Other table game classics available at the best Canadian casinos include roulette and craps, while multi-developer sites can have a suite of slots ranging from hundreds to thousands of games.

Better yet, new players can benefit from a variety of bonuses such as no deposit free spins or free cash, and deposit matching promos that see the casino pump in money for a first deposit, increasing playing funds right away.

Now that you know where to go when you feel like trying your luck, let us continue with the program with a look at the best casino movie scenes of all time.

Casino Royale – Bond and Le Chiffre

In 2006 Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond featured one of the most iconic scenes of the actor’s tenure as film’s leading spy. Criminal financier Le Chiffre found himself dangerously short of cash following MI6’s thwarting of a terrorist attack which the Albanian mastermind had been banking on.

In a bid to recover his losses, Le Chiffre established a high stakes poker tournament which Bond attended in order to try and leave the financier destitute and forced to turn his coat to aid British intelligence in return for asylum.

Bond loses out but gets a reprieve when the CIA stands him extra cash in exchange for Le Chiffre being handed over to them. In the end, Bond wins the crucial hand with a straight flush, although the evening subsequently takes a turn for the worst…

Rain Man – Hoffman and Cruise

Gambling can be a shade lighter than the tense world of thrillers, as was proven by the multi-Academy Award-winning film Rain Man (1988). Debate continues to rage about whether Dustin Hoffman’s Oscar-winning performance as the autistic savant Raymond is the best thing to happen to public perception of the condition or a harmful stereotype, but one thing is for certain: the film was a huge success.

Tom Cruise plays Charles Babbitt and discovers upon attending to the affairs of his late and estranged father that the estate has been left to a brother he never knew he had: Raymond. During a road trip, Charles discovers that his brother has a fantastic grasp of mental arithmetic and decides that Raymond ought to have a crack at counting cards at the blackjack tables of Las Vegas.

Unlike most people (who can take a few weeks to learn to count cards at single deck blackjack) Raymond manages to do it with six decks and makes his brother $86,000 overnight.

GoldenEye – Bond Encounters Xenia Onatopp

Another first time Bond film, this time from 1995 when Pierce Brosnan was new to the role. He encounters Xenia Onatopp early on, enjoying a rivalry both racing on the road and in the casino playing baccarat, beginning a tempestuous relationship that lasts for the entire film.

As an introduction of both Brosnan’s Bond and the feisty villainess Onatopp (played perfectly by Famke Janssen), the high octane car chase followed by the more sedate, yet glamorous, duel in the casino sets up the future nicely.

Rounders – Damon and Texas Hold ‘Em

Famke Janssen also featured (in a smaller role) in our next choice, the 1998 movie Rounders. Matt Damon plays the leading role of law student Mike McDermott, who dreams of winning the World Series of Poker. Cockiness proves his downfall and he gets wiped out at an underground poker game.

He stays away from cards until Worm, a childhood friend, is released from prison and gradually leads him back to betting. Worm manages to get heavily into debt to Russian mobsters, and Mike has only a few days to try and make the cash. He gets a $10,000 loan from his law professor and challenges KGB (the Russian mob boss played by John Malkovich) to a game of Texas Hold ‘Em for the outstanding debt.

Mike wins at first and is about to leave when taunts from KGB bring him back to the table. He manages to spot the mobster’s behavioural tics and work out his tells, and wins the lot, enabling him to pay off Worm’s debt and return the loan to his law professor.

These are some of the most iconic movie scenes that revolve around the world of gambling, featuring games such as baccarat, poker, and blackjack. Luckily, all these card games, as well as slots galore, can easily be found at the top online Canadian casinos.

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