Cocomelon Season 9: When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Cocomelon Season 9

It's difficult to talk about kids' entertainment without mentioning Cocomelon.

Born on YouTube in 2006 under the name “ThatsMEonTV,” CoComelon evolved to become a gargantuan presence in children's media.

It's a 3D animation channel creating educational and entertaining content for preschoolers.

Songs about daily routines, nursery rhymes, and life lessons are delivered through a colourful cast of characters like JJ, YoYo, and TomTom.

The relatable narratives, catchy tunes, and vivid animation make it a hit among toddlers and parents.

For many households, Cocomelon provides a blend of entertainment and education in easily digestible formats.

Whether it's learning the alphabet, understanding social cues, or just having a fun time, Cocomelon has something for every child.

The Netflix Journey

If you've already binged all the YouTube episodes and are looking for more, you'll be thrilled to know that all 8 seasons of Cocomelon are currently available to stream on Netflix.

The show made its Netflix debut in 2020 and has become one of the most-watched kids' programs on the platform.

A New Season on the Horizon

The real news sending parents and toddlers alike into a tizzy is the release of CoComelon season 9.

Slated to drop on Netflix in either 2023 or 2024, the new season is one of the most highly anticipated shows for kids.

Episode Count

Most Cocomelon seasons typically have a lean structure, each containing just three episodes.

This compact format keeps the content fresh and engaging, making it easier for younger viewers to follow along.

However, Season 8 was an exception, with only one episode. Although, each episode on Netflix is over fifty minutes long.

The Future of Cocomelon

The expectations for Cocomelon Season 9 are sky-high. Will it revert to the traditional three-episode structure or follow Season 8's precedent?

We can only speculate, but regardless of the number, you can bet that the new season will continue to deliver the same mix of education and entertainment that has made Cocomelon a household name.

In a world where screen time is often viewed skeptically, Cocomelon is a shining example of how digital media can be a beneficial learning tool.

So, parents, mark your calendars and prepare your kids for another fun-filled season of their favourite show. Cocomelon Season 9 is on its way and promises to be as entertaining and educational as ever.

Where to Watch CoComelon

If you're new to the Cocomelon universe or want to revisit some classic episodes, you have several options for catching up with JJ and friends.


Cocomelon's original home, YouTube, has a plethora of episodes and songs available for free.

The channel regularly updates with new content, so it's a great place to start and to stay updated with their latest offerings.


As mentioned earlier, Netflix hosts all 8 seasons of Cocomelon, making it an ideal platform for binge-watching.

Netflix is also the platform where the highly anticipated Season 9 will be released. The subscription-based service offers the added benefit of watching episodes offline, providing a Cocomelon experience that is entirely ad-free.

Other Platforms

Cocomelon is also available on other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, though the selection may vary compared to YouTube and Netflix.

Some episodes are available for individual purchase, which might be a suitable option for those who want to own specific episodes.

Regardless of where you choose to watch, Cocomelon offers the same quality content aimed at making learning fun and engaging for kids.

Choose the platform that best fits your viewing needs, and prepare to sing along to your favourite nursery rhymes!

With multiple options for viewing, it's easier than ever to integrate Cocomelon into your child's entertainment routine.

Whether through short episodes on YouTube or binge-watching entire seasons on Netflix, there's no shortage of content to keep your little ones entertained and educated.

Shows Like Cocomelon Your Kids Will Love

Cocomelon has set a high standard in the realm of educational and entertaining content for kids.

But it's not alone; there are several other shows that engage young minds while offering a visual feast.

If your child is a fan, they are likely to enjoy the following programs.

Baby Shark's Big Show!

Riding the wave of the viral “Baby Shark” song, this Nickelodeon show provides a delightful mix of adventures, friendships, and catchy tunes.

The show follows Baby Shark and his best friend, William, as they navigate the challenges and wonders of living under the sea.

Peppa Pig

This British series has been a staple in kids' entertainment since 2004. Centering around Peppa, a cheeky little piggy who loves to jump in muddy puddles, the show explores everyday activities and family bonding.

Like Cocomelon, it manages to blend education with entertainment effectively.

Paw Patrol

While not strictly educational, Paw Patrol offers moral lessons and problem-solving skills in each episode.

It's an action-packed series that revolves around six puppies—Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye—and their tech-savvy leader, Ryder, as they go on various rescue missions.

Sesame Street

An evergreen classic, Sesame Street has been teaching kids about numbers, alphabets, and social skills since 1969.

With iconic characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, it offers a variety of learning experiences in a fun and interactive way.


Initially a YouTube sensation like Cocomelon, Blippi is a live-action show where the host explores various topics like farming, plumbing, and public transportation.

The host's bright colours, energetic performance, and educational content make it a hit among preschoolers.

Little Baby Bum

This YouTube-based show is the closest to Cocomelon in content and style.

It focuses on nursery rhymes and original songs against coluorful and simplistic 3D animation. Each episode is crafted to be educational and fun, covering topics like numbers, animals, and shapes.

Each show brings a unique flair to children's entertainment, making learning a fun and engaging experience.

So, if you want to expand your child's viewing repertoire beyond Cocomelon, these shows offer excellent alternatives.

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