6 Crime Drama Hidden Gems On Netflix And Amazon

6 Crime Drama Hidden Gems On Netflix And Amazon

A lot of the time on Netflix, their high profile original shows and movies garner most of the attention. But on any given day a huge amount of content gets added to the platform that you may not be aware of.

You may get recommendations based on what you've watched before but a lot of the time it's the newest shows that are pushed on your account.

Crime drama is a huge genre and most of us are familiar with the big hitters like the Harlen Coben adaptations such as Safe, The Stranger and The Woods. Interestingly, The Woods was filmed in Polish and still went to number 1, largely because most people don't mind when a show is dubbed or has subtitles.

In fact, sometimes it really does make a show far more interesting. Instead of the usual glossy Hollywood makeover on cop shows, we get a rare glimpse into the culture of other countries. From attitudes to clothing, food to family, so much that takes place seems like a world away from what we are used to.

Generally, these shows go for a much higher level of authenticity so if gritty crime drama is your thing, here are our six best finds on Netflix to keep you entertained.


Set in Finland, Bordertown follows Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen as he starts a new job in a new town. With new colleagues and family to take care of, Sorjonen must solve the most baffling of crimes without becoming consumed by them.

Each story is covered in an arc of two or three episodes so the drama unfolds at a steady pace. The subjects covered are dark and the methods of investigation are unusual as Kari Sorjonen is no ordinary detective.

It's an excellent series, with three seasons currently available on Netflix.


Beck is a Swedish television crime drama series that stars Peter Haber as Commissoner Martin Beck, a detective in charge of solving the various crimes that take place in the town. With seven seasons available on Amazon Prime, get ready for another Nordic Noir show that will have you gripped.

Can Beck get to the bottom of these seemingly perfect crimes? Or are they even crimes at all? Beck has it all – a grumpy lead detective, a stunning backdrop and plenty of subjects that give us a deeper understanding of Swedish life including sport, art, and family.

If you're a fan of shows like Frost or Wallandar (another famous Swedish Detective) then you'll really love Beck so check it out today.


A completely binge-worthy show from Poland, Ultraviolet is based around the misadventures of amateur detective Ola Serafin. When she unwittingly stumbles into an incident on the road the police refuse to believe it is anything other than an accident.

Refusing to let it go, Ola goes in search of people who can help her and comes across an online group called Ultraviolet. Between them, they solve cold cases but with Ola's meddling, they soon start to cross over to more recent crimes which irritates the local police and puts all of their lives in danger.

With three seasons on Netflix, fans are hoping that a fourth is on the way as we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger!


British crime drama at it's best with Unforgotten. Originally a BBC show, you can now watch three seasons on Netflix. DCI Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) are partners who solve historical crimes when new evidence comes to light.

What is different about this show is that it gives equal attention to the various other parties involved in the case. Given that some of these crimes go back decades, there are a lot of skeletons that have remained buried for a long time, making the Detective's task even more difficult.

This is ground-level police work at it's finest but with stories that are so well written that you may need to get the tissues out.

Secret City

Set in Australia, Secret City follows a newspaper reporter, Harriet Dunkley, as she covers the political world in Canberra. But when she stumbles on a crime involving a potential government cover-up she is forced to investigate.

But all is not what it seems and soon Harriet is being framed for murder and finds herself on the run while trying to prove her innocence. Starring Anna Torv (Mindhunter), and with two seasons on Netflix, Secret City is a gripping show with plenty of twists, turns and espionage.

Black Spot

This French crime drama is more of a cerebral thriller than a straight up crime-solving drama. Set in a small town located on the edge of a dense forest, Laurene Weiss is the local sheriff who must investigate the disappearance of a teenager.

Things get even more complicated when it turns out she's the daughter of her high school boyfriend and, in almost identical circumstances, the same thing happened to Weiss twenty years earlier.

So is there a serial killer in the town or is something more mysterious at play? An excellent whodunit with two seasons to binge on.

So there you have our top six crime drama shows that you may have missed on Netflix and Amazon Prime. With multiple seasons in all of them, you can add them to your list and watch them at your leisure.

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