FUBAR Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

FUBAR Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Normally we have to wait an absolute age for Netflix to cobble together all of its algorithm results before we find out if our favourite shows have been renewed. Not so with FUBAR.

This time around, Netflix quickly realised they were on to a good thing with the story of CIA Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Despite the show dropping on May 25th 2023, it only took the streaming platform three weeks to renew it.

So now we know that there are more plots and secrets to be uncovered, the big question is: FUBAR season 2 – When is it coming to Netflix???

FUBAR Season 2 Release Date

Let's not get carried away here. The show is still a global sensation and is still in the TOP 10 in most countries around the world. So we're not getting new episodes any time soon.

The first season took two years from production to release. However, from filming it only took a year to hit our tv's.

Now that the ground work has been laid, it may take less time to get FUBAR season 2 to our screens. But the reality is that these shows generally take at least a year.

So on that basis, we expect a release date for FUBAR season 2 in mid 2024.

FUBAR Season 2 What Happens?

For those of you who binged the first eight episodes, you will know that we left the Brunner family in chaos.

With Luke's ex-wife Tally on the verge of getting remarried, the bad guys came for the family at the church and everybody found out that Luke and Emma were CIA Agents.

Their cover was blown so the entire family piled into a mini van with Barry, Roo, Aldon and Carter and headed off for destination unknown.

Season 2 will likely focus on these characters finding new identities and missions in a new location. There are several narrative threads left unresolved, including a love triangle, potential betrayals, and the romantic progression of certain characters.

In terms of the cast for FUBAR Season 2, it's expected that most of the main cast from the first season will return. They include Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Luke), Monica Barbaro (as Emma), Jay Baruchel (as Carter), Fortune Feimster (as Roo), Travis Van Winkle (as Alden), Milan Carter (as Barry), Fabiana Udenio (as Tally), Andy Buckley (as Donnie), and Aparna Brielle (as Tina).

One character that might not return is the villainous Boro, played by Gabriel Luna, due to his character's fate the first season​.

How Popular Is FUBAR?

FUBAR is undoubtedly one of Netflix's biggest hits of 2023. Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an iconic action star and that is reflected in the global success of the show.

We spent 89 million hours worldwide watching it in the first four days of its release. It's popularity didn't wain and in week two, it had amassed another 88 million hours of views. In the first three weeks of release FUBAR has been watched for nearly 220 million hours.

That isn't as high as The Night Agent but comparably, that show had 10 episodes so 20% more content. With more episodes, it was always going to rack up more viewing hours.

It has a score of 6.5 on IMDB from over 23K ratings. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics weren't impresses and scored it at 50% approval rate. However, like so many shows and movies, the audience like it a lot more with 69%.

So overall, it has been widely appreciated as a decent show. It's definitely funnier than most action series and even though it's a bit daft, it's entertaining and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Where Was FUBAR Filmed?

The Netflix TV series FUBAR was filmed in Belgium and Ontario, more specifically in Antwerp and Toronto.

Sooooo many shows are filmed in Canada even though they are supposed to be set in the US. There are a few reasons for this.

The Canadian government, as well as certain provinces, offer significant tax credits and incentives for film and TV productions. These can greatly reduce the cost of production for studios, making Canada an attractive location.

Canada's geography is incredibly diverse, with urban cities, rural areas, mountains, forests, and coastlines. This allows it to stand in for many different locations, making it a versatile choice for many types of shows.

The country also has a robust film industry with high-quality facilities and experienced crews. This means that productions can be sure of the quality of the services they will receive.

It is close to the US, which is home to many major film and TV studios. This proximity makes logistics easier and can reduce travel costs.

As Canada and the U.S. have similar cultures and the same language (English, along with French in certain regions), it's easier to make a show in Canada that feels familiar to U.S. audiences.

So for all of those reasons, a lot of big Network shows are filmed there. That includes Virgin River, Joe Pickett and Noah Centineo's hit show, The Recruit.

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