Gambling Films On Netflix Are Few And Far Between – But 21 Is Well Worth A Watch

Gambling Films On Netflix Are Few And Far Between – But 21 Is Well Worth A Watch

When 21 was released in 2008, it perhaps didn’t have the kind of impact that director Robert Luketic had hoped for. It only earned a score of 35 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was slated by some critics for having a mundane storyline. However, it could be considered a box office success with total earnings exceeding $150 million. If the film about blackjack had been released now after the online casino boom, it may have performed even better. The movie is available to watch on Netflix and is well worth viewing for anyone who is following the flourishing online casino sector.

While films like Rounders were credited with sparking the poker boom, 21 had little impact on an industry which was far from struggling. The online casino industry was already thriving at the time of the film’s release in 2008 but it has also grown exponentially since then. In fact, the rise of more online casino sites has brought about new ways of playing blackjack. There are now live blackjack games at most casinos, along with different variations of the classic card game. In turn, blackjack is more popular than ever with today’s audiences. For this reason, 21 could have made even more money if it was released in 2018 rather than 2008.

The good news for blackjack players is the fact that they can watch 21 on Netflix and learn some tips on how to play the game from the card experts in the film. The picture, which starred Kevin Spacey was based on the book, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas For Millions. The original text by Ben Mezrich was about a group of mainly Asian-American students, so there was controversy when a group of white actors was cast. This could have been one of the reasons which led to some scathing reviews upon the movie’s release.

Despite the controversy, there are some excellent performances from Spacey, Brett Ratner, and Dana Brunetti. 21 will appeal to casino fans because it manages to capture the exciting and intense atmosphere of Las Vegas perfectly. Anyone who has played blackjack before will know the feeling of the rush that hits when the cards fall in your favour and you rake in the winnings. Being able to see that in film allows players to experience the same feelings without any of the risks. The success that the players in the story find may also inspire players to hone their blackjack skills more and work to be better at the game.

If you fancy an exciting film with plenty of twists and turns, 21 will be right up your street. It doesn’t require too much thought as everything is explained clearly throughout. Fans of blackjack will find it particularly thrilling, as it depicts the world famous card game well. As far as movies on Netflix go, this is one of the stronger offerings.

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