Hellbound Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

In a world swarming with K-dramas promising romance and melodrama, Hellbound resolutely breaks the mould.

Steeped in religious and sociopolitical commentary, this bone-chilling, dystopian thriller offers an unsettling glimpse into a society gripped by fear of divine judgment.

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the creative mind behind the critically acclaimed Train to Busan, the show delves deep into the human psyche, revealing the darkest facets of faith, fear, and fanaticism.

Hellbound is a haunting dissection of collective madness, a warning about the perils of blind obedience, and, above all, a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

To say we LOVED the first season is an understatement. That ending was 100% class and left the door wide open for another instalment.

So when exactly will we see Hellbound season 2 on Netflix?

Hellbound Season 1 Recap

Hellbound explores an alternate reality where mysterious supernatural death angels appear out of nowhere to kill and condemn people to hell for their sins.

These judgments, often accompanied by public acts of violence, ignite widespread panic and fundamentally alter the way society operates.

In the wake of these supernatural events, a religious group called “The New Truth Society” gains unprecedented power, influencing public opinion and government decisions.

They claim to have insight into the divine judgment process and promote themselves as the arbiters of morality, urging people to live virtuous lives to avoid a hellish fate.

Amidst the chaos, we are introduced to various characters including skeptics, investigators, and followers of “The New Truth Society,” who offer differing perspectives on the events unfolding.

As the supernatural judgments escalate, tensions rise between various societal factions—those who blindly follow The New Truth Society, those who question its motives, and those caught in the crossfire.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

First released on Netflix in November 2021, you could be forgiven for forgetting all about Hellbound in the nearly two years that have passed since.

But if you recall the closing scene of the first season and you're desperate to know what will happen, we have good news.

Hellbound season 2 is officially in production. Netflix renewed the show in September 2022.

They have since made the production announcement, via their YouTube channel, giving us fans a glimpse behind the scenes.

The video dropped in August 2023 and although it didn't specify how far down the line Hellbound season 2 is, we know that filming takes roughly four months.

So on that basis we expect to finally see new episodes in late 2024. The first season took 10 months to get from wrapping to our screens.

If the same timeline applies for the second season, it should be around October/November 2024.

What Will Happen In Season 2?

That is the big question simply because the show could go in so many directions! We do know that Kim Hyun-joo, Kim Shin-rok, Yang Ik-june, Lee Dong-hee and Lee Re will reprise their respective roles in Season two.

We left the show with two major plots dangling. The first involved Sohyun who's baby had been condemned. But unable to standing passively by, she and her husband Youngjae attempt to fight the three monsters.

While they succeed in saving their baby, they themselves are then killed. Did this upset the balance of order? What happens when the wrong people die?

This led us the second MAJOR plot twist. Taking place in one the now ‘sacred spaces', Park Jungja’s death was the New Truth’s first demonstration broadcast.

It's where it all started and it looks like we've come full circle as her burned corpse re-formed into a living, breathing Jungja.

It's been four years since she died so where has she been? And what does this mean for the New Truth Society who are already in disarray?

Maybe we'll find out in Hellbound season2!

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