How I Met Your Father Season 3 – When Is It Airing?

How I Met Your Father Season 3 – When Is It Airing?

How I Met Your Father (HIMYF) is a spin-off of the hugely successful How I Met Your Mother which aired from 2005 to 2014.

Using the same set and premise, instead of the story being told from the perspective of Ted Mosby, this time around, it is Sophie's life that is in the spotlight.

The first season dropped on Hulu on January 18th 2022. For those outside of the US, the show is available on Disney+.

How I Met Your Father Season 1 Recap

Depending on your perspective, the first season was either a winner or a letdown. I say that as somebody who enjoyed it but was rather surprised that absolutely everything about the show is virtually the same as the original.

We have six friends, same apartment, same style, same narration (ish), and basically the same series of bad dates and unrequited love we all saw the first time around.

That said, Sophie (Hilary Duff) is always watchable, and it's also tricky to really delve into the storylines when there are only 10 episodes!

But what did we learn from the first season of How I Met Your Father?

We met Sophie, a hopeless romantic photographer who is looking for love. Having been on a series of terrible dates, she has met her perfect guy, Ian, except that he is moving to Australia.

On the verge of giving up on love, Sophie then meets Uber driver Jesse and his friend Sid.

When she realises that she has swapped phones with Sid, Sophie, her roommate Valentina and her boyfriend Charlie rush to Sid's bar, meeting Ellen, Jesse's recently divorced sister from Iowa.

And that's how we meet our six friends…Sophie, Valentina, Charlie, Ellen, Jesse and Sid. And surprise, surprise Jesse and Sid's apartment is revealed to be Ted and Marshall's old place.

It is also when future Sophie (Kim Catrell) reveals that was the night she met the love of her life.


First off, the second season got a full season with 20 episodes. So with more time, we fully expected a bit more depth to season 2 of How I Met Your Father.

As expected, relationships take centre stage as the characters grapple with love, friendship, and personal growth.

Sophie continues to navigate a complicated love life involving multiple interests including Ian and Jesse. She finds herself at a crossroads, unable to fully commit to anyone as she tries to make sense of her own feelings and actions.

In an unexpected twist, a flashforward reveals a shocking encounter with Barney Stinson, adding layers of complexity to her journey.

As the season unfolds, the characters also face various challenges beyond romance. Sophie's career as a photographer gets a boost when she sells a photo, but not without lying to her pregnant neighbour and nearly botching a home birth.

Valentina finds herself pitted against her best friend Sophie as they both explore relationships with men of different ages. Plus Jesse and Sid repair their strained friendship, resolving issues with mutual acceptance and compromise.

Sophie goes on a quest to find her biological father, which culminates in a complex relationship with a man named Nick. Jesse, who is grappling with unresolved feelings for Sophie, moves in with Parker, a mysterious woman who creates tension among the group.

The season wraps up with multiple climactic episodes. Sophie confronts Jesse about the love song he wrote for her, questioning the future of their relationship.

And by the end of the season, relationships have shifted, truths have been revealed, and the characters are left at crossroads in their lives.


As mentioned above, the first season dropped in January 2022. Hulu quickly renewed the show and so season 2 was born.

Sadly, I don't have good news for fans of the show. We can confirm that How I Met Your Father will not return for another season on Hulu.

The series wrapped up its second season in July without identifying the father of Sophie's child.

To date Hulu has not given any reason for the cancellation though the actors and writers strikes in the US have probably not helped the situation.

If you still want to watch the series, outside of the United States the show streams internationally on Disney+.


There are quite a few players in HIMYF, but who are they all and who plays them in the show?

And more importantly, will they all be back in How I Met Your Father season 2?

Hilary Duff as Sophie, a young woman looking for love.

Chris Lowell as Jesse, an aspiring musician who has become an internet meme after being left by his ex-girlfriend Meredith. He lives with Sid in Ted, Marshall and Lily's old apartment.

Francia Raisa as Valentina, a assistant-stylist who is also Sophie's best friend and roommate.

Suraj Sharma as Sid, Jesse's best friend and roommate who owns a bar.

Tom Ainsley as Charlie, who follows Valentina to New York after meeting her at London Fashion Week.

Tien Tran as Ellen, Jesse's adoptive sister who moves to New York City.

Kim Cattrall as future Sophie, who in the year 2050 tells her son the story of how she met his father.

Leighton Meester as Meredith, Jesse's ex-girlfriend.

Josh Peck as Drew, the vice principal at the school where Jesse teaches music lessons.

Daniel Augustin as Ian, Sophie's perfect date who moves to and returns from Australia.

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