Iconic Films Which Have Left Netflix

Iconic Films Which Have Left Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. Over 167 million people globally subscribe to the service to watch classic movies, cult TV shows and Netflix Originals.

Founded in California in 2007, Netflix used to post physical DVDs out to customers before increasing internet download speeds allowed it to switch over to streaming content full time. By 2012, Netflix was creating original content that proved immensely successful and has since been copied by tons of other streaming services.

Netflix Is Constantly Changing

Fresh Hollywood blockbusters are always coming along, knocking some much-loved classics out of the way.
Netflix is constantly changing and adapting to meet customer’s needs, with so much competition from new streaming services like Apple TV and Amazon. But, Hollywood’s back catalogue of entertainment is bigger, and Netflix can’t offer every movie and television series ever created.

Despite this, the service remains committed to bringing its subscribers fresh content and new blockbusters on a regular basis, which means that it frequently has to clean house and remove some of the older films and tv shows from its catalogues. This cycle of content encourages people to continue subscribing after they have finished watching series by constantly suggesting something new.

Of course, one of the biggest draws of Netflix is its commitment to bringing new movies and television shows directly into your home. But it isn’t just new movies that subscribers are looking for, Netflix has a section specially reserved for ‘classic movies’ – those enduring films which never get old, that you can happily watch again and again and again. Here are some of the greatest classic movies which are no longer available on Netflix.


Titanic still remains hugely popular to this day, despite the movie being over twenty years old.
A cinematic masterpiece, James Cameron’s Titanic was one of the first of a new breed of modern epics when it graced the screen in 1997. The enormous size of the set, the huge number of extras involved and the scope of the storytelling alone were enough to land it a place in the history books. But, what really made the movie a star is when it netted a well-deserved 11 Oscars including Best Director, Best Picture and Best Costumes.

Its legacy lives on in many pop-culture references, including endless spoofs of the famous ‘flying’ scene, and an array of Titanic-inspired hotels and merchandise have emerged over the years.
Part of the reason for the film’s popularity is surely down to the enduring tale of the real Titanic.

The majestic liner’s first – and final – voyage was well-documented, meaning that there is plenty of information around for history fans to dig through. The wreck is a popular spot for expeditions to this day and artefacts always raise much interest when they appear at auctions.

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Schindler’s List

Another Oscar-winning classic based on real-life events, the iconic Schindler’s List pays homage to one man’s fight against one of the most horrific atrocities ever committed by man. The tale of how Oskar Schindler risked everything to save German Jews from being sent to concentration camps is one that deserves to be seen by every generation.

It is beautifully and sensitively shot in black and white, highlighting the cruelty without glorifying or dramatizing the horrors of the time. Heart-breaking yet hopeful, it’s such a must-watch movie that it’s highly likely it may make a comeback from the next generation of Netflix subscribers.

Billy Elliot

A modern classic, this much-loved British film is set in the 1980s and tells the story of a boy from a working-class northern background who discovers a love of ballet dance. Billy’s battles against the stereotypes of the time show a real strength of character and the choreographed dance scenes are nothing short of mesmerising.

It also comes with a fantastic soundtrack that will have you tapping your toes along as you watch while addressing some of the most hard-hitting social problems of the time, including the miner’s strike. You will laugh and cry in equal measure and find yourself rooting not just for Billy, but for his devoted father as well.

Pulp Fiction

A cult classic, Pulp Fiction was the movie that catapulted its writer and director Quentin Tarantino, to global fame. An anthology of several interlocking stories and characters, the movie takes its name from the cheap paperback fiction novels of the early twentieth century, where style ruled over substance and stereotypes abounded.

Pulp Fiction plays with those stereotypes, presenting familiar tropes – the gangster, the mistress, the bad guy trying to turn straight – and then adding a modern twist to each that manages to make even the bloodiest, most brutal character somehow endearing.

Pulp Fiction is much referenced in newer television shows and still sells merchandise, including posters, clothing and apparel.


As depressing as it might be to read the list of outgoing movies and wish that you’d managed to catch them on Netflix, remember that they are everyday being replaced by an equally brilliant selection.

Recently uploaded new movies include the brilliant Inception, the dramatic City of Gods, and the hilarious Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Netflix knows how to keep its subscribers happy, making sure that the balance between new, original content and classic well-loved favourites is just right. And remember, just because something isn’t there to watch now, doesn’t mean it won’t be back again sometime in the future.

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