Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

The phenomenon that is Kingdom hit our tv screens on January 25th and what a treat for the eyes it was. The Korean show beautifully weaved period drama with epic battle scenes, zombies and a royal power struggle leaving us holding our breath right to the very last second.

The response to the show was huge with writer Kim Eun-hee saying that she had started working on the idea as far back as 2011. Initially she produced a graphic novel which was then turned into the Netflix show. Costing $1.8m per episode, Kingdom was so successful that season two was quickly commissioned. The cast attended their first script reading on February 8th and filming officially began on February 12th.

Shooting for Kingdom season 2 is expected to last until June of this year before the editing process beings. That means we could see Kingdom again by the end of this year. But, Netflix like to keep things consistent so it is more likely that we will have to wait until January 2020.

All of the main cast including Joo Ji Hoon, Bae DooNa and Ryu Seung Ryong are back. Will they pick up the story following its epic climax at the end of Season 1. How long any of them will last is another matter entirely. Joo Ji Hoon's reaction on reading the script for Season 2 said “No one is safe'.

He went on to say that: “I was in a plane to Singapore reading the script with Ryu Seung Ryong, and I was so surprised I shouted, ‘What? Really?'”

He added, “There are no guarantees that my character is going to live to the end. In season one of ‘Game of Thrones,’ the main character dies.”

Seriously, and I say this with great love for the show – he better be kidding!

If you haven't already watched Kingdom On Netflix (review here) then you are missing a treat!

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