Lucifer Season 4 Release Date On Netflix

Lucifer Season 4 Release Date On Netflix

After much speculation and months of anticipation, Netflix has finally confirmed that Lucifer Season 4 will air on May 8th. But before you go an book the day off work to spend it binging on your favourite Devil, you should know that only five episodes will drop on the day.

That is because the season of 10 episodes has been broken into two parts. Then there will be a mid-season break before the next five air on Netflix. But no date yet on when exactly that will be.

Those of you already familiar with Lucifer Morningstar will need no introduction into the brilliant show. In fact, you were probably one of the fans that rallied around the #SaveLucifer campaign that started when Fox canceled the original show.

But if you haven't already watched the show then you can read all about it here.

There are no official trailers released for it yet. However, Netflix did put out two promos. The first is a big thank you from cast members Tom Ellis and Lauren German. The second was the date announcement.

The list of episodes has also been released and there is even a tribute to the campaign which saved the show!

Lucifer Season 4 Episode Titles

  • Everything’s Okay, written by Joe Henderson
  • Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno, written by Idly Modrovich
  • O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father, written by Jessika Borsiczky
  • All About Eve, written by Chris Refferty
  • Expire Erect, written by Mike Costa
  • Orgy Pants to Work, written by Aiyana White
  • Devil Is As Devil Does, written by Jen Graham Imada
  • Super Bad Boyfriend, written by Jason Ning
  • Save Lucifer, written by Joe Henderson
  • King of Hell, written by Idly Modrovich

So what can we expect from Season 4? Well, Eve makes an appearance. And apparently, we also get to see Lucifers butt. Surely it's worth a watch just for that!

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