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my life with the walter boys season

My Life with the Walter Boys season 1 is a captivating Netflix TV series that explores the often troubled but heartwarming journey of a young girl thrust into a new life with a house full of boys.

Based on the popular book of the same name, this series has charmed audiences with its unique blend of drama, comedy, and romance.

It was a huge hit for Netflix with over 20.3 million views since its debut. It reached the Top 10 in 88 countries and went viral on TikTok.

Like it or not, we all picked a side and whether you are #Team Alex or #Team Cole the one thing we can all agree on is that we need My Life with the Walter Boys season 2.

So where are we with getting some new episodes and when can we expect to see it on Netflix?

My Life with the Walter Boys Season 2 Release Date

The first season had barely dropped and Netflix knew they were on to a good thing. So much so that on December 19th 2023, they gave the official thumbs up for a second season.

That's the good news. The bad news is that we won't get it until 2025!

I know, I know, we can't wait that long however, the second season hasn't even begun filming yet.

In fact, it is not due to start until June 3rd, 2024 and it won't finish until October 11th, 2024.

Throw in extra time for post-production and language translation and the earliest we will see My Life with the Walter Boys season 2 is February 2025.

If you haven't already watched the first season, here's a quick summary of what happened…

My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 Recap

My Life With the Walter Boys is a coming-of-age story that follows fifteen-year-old Jackie Howard after losing her family in a tragic accident.

Jackie has to leave her New York life behind and move to Colorado to be with her guardian – her mother’s best friend, Katherine, who is raising ten kids with her husband, George.

While settling into her new, often chaotic countryside home, Jackie is determined to stay focused on her dream of getting into Princeton.

But then she starts to have feelings for two very different Walter brothers. There's the reliable and bookish Alex and his older and more troubled brother Cole.

Already trying to navigate her new life, Jackie struggles with her love triangle, especially as they both like her back.

What will she do? Who will she choose? Decisions decisions.

How Many Episodes Of My Life with the Walter Boys Are On Netflix?

Season 1 of My Life with the Walter Boys has 10 episodes.

While there is no confirmation for season 2, it is unlikely that Netflix will change the format so we expect another ten episodes when it airs in 2025.

Whether or not there will be additional seasons will depend entirely on how well the next is received.

The more popular the show, the better the chance of another renewal but only time will tell.

Who Wrote The Book?

The series is based on the novel My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak, originally published in 2014.

Novak first posted her story on the online community Wattpad, where it gained a massive following, eventually leading to its publication.

The book follows Jackie Howard, a girl whose life is turned upside down after a tragic accident, leading her to move in with her new guardians and their chaotic household of twelve boys.

Netflix's adaptation of the book was developed by a team of seasoned creators, with Melanie Halsall serving as the showrunner.

Speaking to Tudum when the show was officially renewed, she said: “I am beyond thrilled that My Life with the Walter Boys has been renewed for a second season.

“We have been overwhelmed by the love and support that the audience has given the show and can’t wait to dive back into the world of Silver Falls and the lives of these characters.”

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