Netflix To Develop Chronicles Of Narnia

Netflix To Develop Chronicles Of Narnia

The race is on for the various streaming services as they buy up the rights to some huge movie and books. Amazon laid down the gauntlet with the announcement that they were putting Lord Of The Rings into production and soon after Netflix made a successful bid for the rights to The Chronicles Of Narnia. In fact Netflix have obtained the rights for all seven of C.S. Lewis' “Narnia” books.

The plans are to develop a series and film projects set in the Narnia universe, thanks to a new deal with The C.S. Lewis Company, which manages the rights to the acclaimed Irish author’s works. This gives Netflix worldwide rights to the entire “Narnia” series, and is the first time all seven books have been sold to a single company.

Leading production on a feature length movie as well as episodic programming is Mark Gordon. Gordon is more widely known for his work on television series like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy.

Over at Amazon, Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder, announced his Lord Of The Rings deal. Reported to be costing in the region of $1bn, it will give Amazon the rights to create six series making it the most expensive TV show ever. Undoubtedly this is Amazon's latest attempt to boost subscribers. Amazon Prime has about 63 million members, compared with more than 100 million subscribers at Netflix and approximately 130 million at HBO.

With Game Of Thrones entering it's final season shortly, the streaming giants are throwing everything at capturing those viewers who will need a serious fantasy drama fix – me included. For now I'll just keep watching the likes of Maniac and Iron Fist!

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