Physical Season 3 – When Is Coming To Apple TV+?

Physical Season 3 – When Is Coming To Apple TV+?

Physical is a comedy-drama series that premiered on Apple TV+ on June 18, 2021. The show was created by Annie Weisman.

Starring Rose Byrne, the series is set in the idyllic but fragile beach paradise of sunny 1980s San Diego.

It has been another big hit for Apple TV+ and has been praised for its dark comedy, plot and characters.

With two seasons already available, it was announced that Physical season 3 would be on the way. So now that we know we're getting another instalment, when can we expect to see it on Apple TV+?

Physical Season 3 Release Date

The good news is that we know we are getting Physical season 3. In even better news, fans of the hit series don't have to wait much longer for new episodes.

Apple TV has confirmed that the third season of Physical will begin on August 2nd 2023.

Following the same path as the first two seasons, the first three episodes will drop after which, new episodes will air weekly.

However, we do have some bad news for fans. Season three will be the final season after which we have to say goodbye to Sheila Rubin and her aerobics empire!

Physical Season 1 Recap

Physical Season 1 is set in 1980s San Diego. The show follows the journey of Sheila Rubin, played by Rose Byrne (Platonic).

Sheila is a dutiful but unfulfilled housewife who transforms into a local celebrity filled with strength, power, and charisma.

Sheila struggles with her innermost thoughts, which are broadcast to us via voiceover. She is constantly worried about what other people are thinking about her and is hard on herself about what she eats, how much she exercises, and what she says to others.

Her life begins to change when she follows Bunny to her aerobics class and is captivated by the power she feels while in the class.

With aerobics in her life, Sheila is feeling in control again – but just attending classes isn’t enough. She wants more. So, Sheila approaches Bunny about teaching her own class.

All the while, her husband Danny (Rory Scovel) has no idea what she is up to. After being fired from his job, Danny decides to run for California State Assembly, given his background as a political science professor and activist.

San Diego real estate developer John Breem (Paul Sparks) is on the periphery of Sheila’s story. We see Breem as a religious family man and as a supporter of Danny’s Republican opponent.

They have a few conversations about loaning a space in the mall for Danny’s campaign and Sheila’s aerobic skills, but that is the extent of their social interactions — until they both arrive at the mall post-election…

Physical Season 2 Recap

We pick up Physical season 2 as Sheila is enjoying her single life after separating from her husband, Danny.

She is in entrepreneurial mode, and with her best friend Greta (Dierdre Friel) by her side relaunching her business and prototyping a new product. Danny, on the other hand, has been kicked out of his home and is sulking in a cheap hotel bachelor pad.

When he believes that he is entitled to half of Sheila’s earnings and has specific rights as a co-owner in the business, Sheila is practically venomous and fights back.

At her very own product launch party, Sheila makes a big speech about how exercise saved her life and she now wants others to benefit from it too.

Danny arrives unannounced hoping to ruin her fun, he mentions an actress who has launched an identical product, which is currently advertising on TV.

Sheila watches the infomercial in horror and that niggling voice comes back again. The self-hate returns, but Sheila has methods to deal with it now and a fight still burning within her, she won’t be giving up so easily.

John asks what her end goal is and she replies with ‘annihilation’, hinting at a waging war to come.

Physical Season 3 What Will happen?

The plot of the third and final season will revolve around the arrival of Kelly Kilmartin (Zooey Deschanel) and the emotional trauma that brings. Kelly is a sitcom star who wants to expand her brand by stepping into the fitness game. She's Sheila's biggest rival!

Sheila's struggles with healthy eating will also be integral to the plot of Season 3. The show's creator, Annie Weisman, has mentioned that the theme of intimacy, not just with friends but in romantic relationships, will be explored in this season.

The idea of how desire and appetite are connected will be a focus, moving the story away from just the idea of a relationship to food and more about relationships to desire and connection to the body.

Cast Of Physical

Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin: Sheila is the protagonist of the series. She is a quietly tormented housewife who finds an unconventional path to power through an unlikely source: the world of aerobics.

Rory Scovel as Danny Rubin: Danny is Sheila's husband. He is a political science professor and activist who decides to run for California State Assembly.

Paul Sparks as John Breem: John is a mall owner who becomes a significant character in Sheila's life. He is seen as a religious family man and a supporter of Danny’s Republican opponent.

Della Saba as Bunny Kazam: Bunny is an aerobics instructor and Tyler's girlfriend. Sheila is captivated by the power she feels while in Bunny’s aerobics class.

Lou Taylor Pucci as Tyler: Tyler is a surfer and Bunny's boyfriend. He becomes involved in Sheila's aerobics venture.

Dierdre Friel as Greta Hauser: Greta is a housewife and Ernie's wife. She becomes a close associate of Sheila in her business.

Geoffrey Arend as Jerry Goldman: Jerry is an old friend of Sheila and Danny who becomes Danny's campaign manager in season 1. He appears as a guest in season 2.

Ashley Liao as Simone: Simone is a character who appears in season 1.

Ian Gomez as Ernie Hauser: Ernie is a tech pioneer and Greta's husband. He is a recurring character in the series.

Murray Bartlett as Vinnie Green: Vinnie is an aerobics instructor who appears in season 2.

Anna Gunn as Marika Green: Marika is Vinnie’s wife who appears in season 2.

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