5 Best Poker Movies You Can Stream Today!

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Everyone loves settling down in front of a good film. And with so many streaming platforms now vying for your time and attention, there's never been a better time to watch your favourite poker movies.

For those with a preference for something, whether it be a sport, a specific genre, or actor, movies are a great way to be entertained and feed your passion.

If you love dogs, for instance, it’s likely you have seen Marley and Me and 101 Dalmatians.

But if you’re a motor racing fan, you will almost certainly have watched Senna and Rush.

Poker is no different, so if you have a passion for playing cards, then you’ll want to catch these poker movies.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

The world has changed a lot since 1965 and even more so since the 1930s, in which The Cincinnati Kid is set.

This classic film stars Steve McQueen as Eric “The Kid” Stoner, an up-and-coming poker player in New Orleans.

The Kid sets his sights on defeating Lancey “The Man” Howard (Edward G. Robinson), a veteran poker player considered the best in the country.

The film builds up to an epic final poker match between the Kid and the Man, with a famous ending that has become a part of poker lore.

The movie is celebrated for its period atmosphere and the psychological battle between the old guard and the new.

Rounders (1998)

This film stars Matt Damon as Mike McDermott, a law student and talented poker player who dreams of winning the World Series of Poker.

After losing his entire bankroll to a Russian mobster named Teddy KGB (John Malkovich, The ABC Murders), Mike vows to give up poker.

However, when his childhood friend Worm (Edward Norton) is released from prison, Mike is drawn back into the world of high-stakes poker to help Worm pay off a huge debt.

A stellar film, Rounders is renowned for its realistic depiction of poker strategy and the life of professional players.

No Limit (2006)

Produced during the ‘poker boom', this 2006 film describes the explosion in popularity of online poker.

It tells the story of world professional poker through the eyes of Susan Genard.

The film is not only limited to Susan, though, and features over 40 of the world’s leading professional poker players, including Mike Sexton, Yosh Nakano, Doyle Brunson and Howard Lederer.

Well-received by critics, the Las Vegas Sun described the film as the mother of all documentaries about poker, so you can be sure it’ll be a great watch.


KidPoker refers to the nickname used online by professional poker player Daniel Negreanu.

Like many professional players, Negreanu started his journey by playing poker online before entering tournaments.

The film is unbiased, giving a unique view into the life of one of poker’s most well-known players so that his fans will be able to enjoy the film.

KidPoker features comments and testimonials from many other top-named poker players, including Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, and Maria Ho, which all poker fans will enjoy.

The film isn’t only about poker, though. It features other people from Negreanu’s life and demonstrates the special relationship that he and his parents shared.

If you are a poker fan, then you can be sure that this film will pique your interest.

The Hustler (1961)

Last on our list of poker movies is a film that is not strictly about poker, The Hustler is a classic film that many poker players can relate.

The film stars Paul Newman as “Fast” Eddie Felson, a small-time pool hustler with a lot of talent and an insatiable desire to prove himself the best.

He travels around with his partner, Charlie Burns (Myron McCormick), hustling games and dreaming of making it big.

Eddie's ultimate goal is to defeat the legendary pool player Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason), who is considered the best in the country.

Upon arriving in New York, Eddie challenges Minnesota Fats to a high-stakes game where Eddie ultimately loses all his money, leaving him devastated and questioning his life choices.

As Eddie becomes entangled in the world of high-stakes gambling, he is forced to confront his own character flaws and the harsh realities of the gambling world.

The Hustler is acclaimed for its deep character studies, dark themes, and exceptional performances, especially by Newman and Gleason.

It's a story of ambition, obsession, and redemption and received multiple Academy Award nominations.

It is still regarded as one of the greatest films of its era.

Conclusion To Poker Movies

So there you have five of the best poker-related movies of all time. From the 1930s to the noughties, the game has endured.

No matter what style of genre you prefer, there's something for everyone on this list.

Grab the popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best films of all time.

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