Richard Madden Removed From Netflix HQ

Richard Madden Removed From Netflix HQ

Star of Bodyguard, Richard Madden recently visited the Netflix headquarters in California and was surprisingly unwelcome. Considering Bodyguard will soon be one of Netflix's most popular shows, you'd think they would show the potentially new James Bond a bit of hospitality!

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Richard claims that when he entered the facility he was told immediately that he was in the ‘wrong building.' He replied ‘no worries' and went to take a bottle of Netflix branded water before leaving. A staff member stopped Richard from taking the bottle and stated ‘it is for Netflix employees only.' Despite his efforts to explain he was technically employed by Netflix, he was told ‘please put the bottle down' and was then guided through the exit.

The Scotsman didn't take it to heart too much but later told an American panel show the story which they jumped on to slate Netflix. They made numerous jokes regarding the bottle of water which Richard played along with slightly. To amend things, Netflix sent their star a parcel rammed with their branded water with an apology note.

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