School Spirits Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Paramount+?

School Spirits Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Paramount+?

School Spirits is a supernatural teen drama created by Megan Trinrud and Nate Trinrud that took social media by storm in March 2023.

Available to stream only on Paramount+, it is a show based on an upcoming graphic novel by the Trinruds and Maria Nguyen and posed one of the biggest mysteries on tv – who killed Maddie Nears?

Starring Peyton List, Kristian Flores, Milo Manheim, Kiara Pichardo and Spencer Macpherson, the high school mystery proved to be a massive hit for Paramount+.

With eight episodes and a major cliff hanger ending, everybody is desperate for news on School Spirits season 2.

We've already binged the first season, and we're ready for a second! But what exactly is going on with season 2 of School Spirits? and when will it be on Paramount+?


Spoilers ahead as we discuss THAT ending!

Week after week we tuned in for the latest instalment as Simon, Xavier, Nicole and Claire whittled down the suspects and tried to figure out who killed Maddie.

On the other side, in the after life and forever stuck in the high school, Maddie was busy figuring out what happened to her. Her only life line was her ability to communicate with Simon in the real world.

With Wally, Rhonda and Charlie, they figured out that Mr Martin wasn't all that he pretended to be. And that maybe Maddie wasn't even dead?

So if she wasn't dead how was she in the afterlife? And then we found out how. Janet!

So Janet jumped into Maddie's body, so everybody thought she was still alive and before the real Maddie could explain it to Simon, he left the school and Janet hopped on a bus and left Split River.

Can Maddie ever get back to the real world??? And if she does, will she be accused of murder?? We need answers so it would be helpful if we knew when School Spirits season 2 was coming back to Paramount+.

It looks like we might just get some answers. Paramount+ has officially renewed School Spirits for season 2!!

The made the announcement on Instagram on June 20th 2023 and we genuinely cannot wait to see what the second season has in store for us.

However, before we get too excited, it will be at least another year before we see it. Realistically School Spirits season 2 won't be released until Spring 2024 so now we will just have to play the waiting game!


So far, Paramount+ has delivered 8 episodes of School Spirits in the first season.

I'll be honest; I thought it was amazing, and that it moved along at a blistering pace, creating and ruling out suspects each week.

The characters are amazing, the story is packed with highs and lows, laughs and tears (that scene when Simon first sees Maddie!!) and theories ran rampant on social media.

For a full review of the show, click here. But suffice it to say that if you like a supernatural mystery with plenty going on in terms of plots, School Spirits is an amazing watch.

And now you have the chance to binge it because all episodes have aired!


  1. My So-Called Death
  2. The Fault of Our Scars
  3. Dead and Confused
  4. Ghoul Intentions
  5. The Twilight End Zone
  6. Grave the Last Dance
  7. Séance Anything
  8. Madison's Body

You may have spotted that the clever thing about the episode titles is that they are all a play on the names of existing films and tv shows – can you figure out what they are?


The Paramount+ TV series School Spirits was filmed in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver.

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