Shows Like A Discovery of Witches – Let The Fantasy Begin!

Shows Like A Discovery of Witches – Let The Fantasy Begin!

Looking forward to a good series about the mystical world of witches? You've come to the right place! A Discovery of Witches is a British series based on Deborah Harkness' Trilogy of Souls, named after the first book in the trilogy.

The series follows Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), a historian and young descendant of the Salem witches, who is constantly wandering the halls of Oxford University.

Accidentally, she discovers a bewitched manuscript in Oxford's Bodleian Library, which forces her back into the world of sorcery in order to unlock the secrets she holds about magical beings.

While living out this adventure, she ends up meeting the mysterious geneticist and fifteen-hundred-year-old vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode, The Crown).

Despite a long-standing mistrust between witches and vampires, they form an alliance and set out to protect the book and solve the hidden mysteries as they evade the threats of the creature's world while living out a forbidden love.

If you are a fan of the mystical world of witches and vampires and are looking for a new series to entertain you, take a peek at ten shows like A Discovery of Witches that we have put together for you.

Enter a love triangle between two opposite brothers and a sweet teenage girl, which will lead to a series of deliciously addictive plots.

Or follow a so-called normal teenager, but who is half human, half-witch, and who lives an existential conflict between reconciling her human life, with its affections and passions, with her supernatural obligations.

Check out our fantastic list full of mythical and supernatural creatures, and choose your new series of choice. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


A Discovery of Witches Runs For How Many Seasons?

The first season of A Discovery of Witches premiered in September 2018, with eight episodes. The series was renewed in November of the same year for a second and third season.

The second ten-episode season was released in January 2021, and the third and final one was released in its entirety in January 2022.

The show received positive reviews, with praise for the chemistry between the main characters, and garnered a nomination for Best New Drama at the National Television Awards.

It ended with three seasons with a total of 25 episodes.

Why Has A Discovery of Witches Come To An End?

Since A Discovery of Witches is based on the All Souls book trilogy by Deborah Harkness, with the third season, the series has reached its natural conclusion.

However, given that the book series wraps up all the stories in order, it is expected that the show's finale will also bring closure for fans.

Although there are currently no official plans to produce any spin-offs, this is a hope that remains among the actors and fans of the series.

At What Age Should You Watch A Discovery of Witches?

Despite being a fictional series about witches, vampires, and supernatural creatures, A Discovery of Witches features more adult and explicit content.

The series is created more for an adult audience, taking the story to a more intense and dramatic level and creating an environment that could easily be part of reality.

With a dramatic tone, the series includes intermittent violence, mild language and references to sex. With all that implies a supernatural world, it also has more aggressive scenes, blood and death.

Although we know it's fiction, the series is exceptionally well produced, leading to some very explicit and possibly more impressionable scenes.

Although it is the parents' responsibility to what kind of content they allow their children to watch, we do not recommend this series for children under 14.

Where Was A Discovery of Witches Filmed?

A Discovery of Witches was filmed mainly in Cardiff, Wales, but also in Oxford and Bristol in England.

Some of the scenes were shot on set, but there are parts filmed in Venice, sections of South Wales and even portions of the interior of the iconic Bodleian.

Filming locations included Bad Wolf Studios, Bodleian Library, Carew Castle, St Donats Castle and Oxford University.

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