Shows Like a Million Little Things – 10 Top Dramas To Stream NOW

Shows Like a Million Little Things – 10 Top Dramas To Stream NOW

A Million Little Things is a family drama-comedy series created by D. J. Nash.

The show deals with issues like the value of friendship and the true importance of knowing someone in a realistic way, which has made it very popular with fans, with generally positive reviews.

Movies and Shows Like A Million Little Things

If you enjoyed the show and are looking for a new series that you can equally identify with, check out the list of ten movies and shows like A Million Little Things we've put together for you.

Follow a special group of individuals whose paths cross, and their life stories intertwine in curious ways in This Is Us.

Meet a single mother with financial problems who returns home with her teenage children. Welcomed by her parents, who are dealing with their marital problems, they will rediscover the family's importance in Parenthood.

Relax with the daily life of three connected families. Full of humour and real problems, this large family lives in challenges but makes togetherness the most important thing in Modern Family.

Check out our list of shows like A Million Little Things and lose yourself in captivating drama for hours.

And as always, let us know in the comments if you think we've missed anything out!


What Is A Million Little Things About?

The series follows a group of eight friends, four women and four men, who meet under unexpected circumstances. Over time, they become quite a close-knit group where some have become successful or married, while others seem to have no personal or professional advancement. What they all have in common is the feeling that they are stagnant in their lives.

Only Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston) has managed to stand out in the group in all areas. With much professional success, he also has an amazing family and a very nice life. However, Jon's perfect life is discovered to be a cover when he commits suicide, deeply affecting the group of friends.

Creatively frustrated, aspiring filmmaker Rome (Romany Malco) struggles with depression and his inability to share his feelings with his wife.

Cancer survivor Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) lives by the idea that “everything happens for a reason” and is distracted by a new love interest.

Stay-at-home dad Eddie (David Giuntoli, Grimm) is a washed-up musician and recovering alcoholic struggling in his marriage to his wife Katherine, a successful lawyer.

Together, the friends try to understand why their successful friend would end his life and re-evaluate their own lives in the process.

Losing a loved one and feeling death so closely makes them question their paths and why they are standing still. Now, they decide to hold onto life more firmly and start a new page, living life to the fullest.

Along the way, they discover that friends may be the only thing that can save them from themselves.

How Many Seasons Does A Million Little Things Have?

A Million Little Things premiered in September 2018 with a season of seventeen episodes. The second season debuted a year later with an excellent public reception and positive reviews.

The third season aired in November 2020, and in May of the following year, the show was renewed for a fourth season that started in September of the same year, being the longest one until then, with 20 episodes.

The series was confirmed for a fifth season in May 2022, however, in November, it was announced that this would be the final one.

The fifth and final season of A Million Little Things premiered in February 2023, with episodes still running. So far, there are five seasons with a total of 82 episodes.

What Happened To Delilah On A Million Little Things?

Played by Stéphanie Szostak, Delilah Dixon is Jon's widow and mother of Sophie, Danny and Charlie.

She was a fixture on the first three seasons on the show but returned in the fourth in a reoccurring role only.

At the end of season 1, Delilah revealed that she had been having an affair with Eddie, one of her late husband Jon's closest friends. Season 2 begins with Delilah grappling with the aftermath of her infidelity and trying to keep her family together despite the fallout from her actions.

In season 2, Delilah faces new challenges as she discovers she's pregnant with Eddie's child. She initially keeps the pregnancy a secret from her children and Eddie, but eventually tells them the truth. Throughout the season, Delilah works to navigate her complicated relationships and figure out what's best for her family.

Ultimately she decides that in order to move on with her life she needs to move away from the people who knew Jon.

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