Shows Like All American – 8 Amazing Drama Series To Watch Now

Shows Like All American – 8 Amazing Drama Series To Watch Now

All American is a sports drama television series inspired by the life of professional football player Spencer Paysinger and created by April Blair.

The series gained a legion of fans for its dramatic and realistic side of the pressures of high school sports life.

What Is All American About?

The show follows the journey of a rising high school football player, Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) from Crenshaw, Los Angeles, who is recruited to play for a Beverly Hills school.

Despite the great opportunity, not everything runs smoothly, and the victories, defeats and struggles of the two families from very different worlds begin to collide.

The two worlds collapse when the two families from such diverse places clash. Now, this talented football player has to learn how to fight for his dreams and reconcile them with school and family dramas.

Shows Like All American

If you like drama series and let yourself get caught up in possible actual life storylines, you'll enjoy watching the list of eight shows like All American we've put together for you.

Follow a retired American football player who now works as an advisor and financial consultant who only hired him in the hope that the former athlete's influence and contacts would prosper the business, in Ballers.

Meet a teenager with autism traits who decides to get a girlfriend, and his quest for independence sets the whole family on an adventure of self-discovery, in Atypical.

Also, follow a group of high school students who deal with different situations typical of their age, such as drugs, sex, search for identity, traumas, behaviour on social networks and friendship, in Euphoria.

Check out our list of shows like All American, where you will find a great option, whatever your mood takes you.

If you have any other suggestions, please remember to leave them in the comments below!


How Many Seasons Does All American Have?

All American premiered in October 2018, with the first season of 16 episodes. Following the series' success, the second season was quickly announced, debuting a year later in October 2019.

The third season with 19 episodes, aired in January 2021, while the fourth season was released in the same year in October with 20 more episodes.

In March 2022, the show was renewed for a fifth season which premiered in October 2022.

Is It Worth watching All American?

All American is a successful series, praised for the strong representation and for the fact that it is based on actual events.

Nominated for several awards, including Excellent Drama Series at the Black Reel Awards and the NAACP Image Awards, it has reached the top of its category and a full approval on several review sites.

The show addresses classism, racism and bullying and portrays the differences between the social classes that our main character navigates.

Throughout the series, we also see a character who does not deny his roots and the difficulties of living in such different environments and their familiarities, showing many remarkable and touching moments during the episodes.

Although football is the central storyline, the series also highlights the difficulty of negotiating the socio-economic world of poverty and racial disadvantage in a community full of privilege and frequent intolerance.

All American is also described as light, comfortable and nostalgic, but with some surprises. It's definitely great entertainment for your evenings.

What Is The Age Rating For All American?

All American is a series based on actual events so that it can get stronger and more impressionable in terms of content.

Although it's not exactly a violent show, it has some mature content where fights and shootings are shown, and gang behaviour is discussed with racist language.

There is also a strand of bullying, some school brutality, underage drinking, and advertising logos such as Adidas and Nike. There are also some romantic interest parts, where you see some highly suggestive scenes with nudity.

Despite this, the show has a basis with very positive messages, whether family or self-esteem and struggles for personal goals.

Although it is entirely the responsibility of the parents to the kind of content they authorise their children to watch, we advise All American for ages 15 and over.

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