8 Shows Like American Horror Story – What To Watch Next

8 Shows Like American Horror Story – What To Watch Next

Got a taste for the supernatural, and don't miss a good horror series? American Horror Story is the perfect series for you!

Created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (The Politican), this anthology television series is full of suspense and drama.

The show has several horror tales, and each season features an independent story with a different set of characters, distinct settings and a unique plot.

The first season, Murder House, focuses on the Harmon family, who move into a restored mansion in Los Angeles, unaware that the house is haunted by its former inhabitants.

The second season, Asylum, takes place in 1964 in Massachusetts and follows the stories of the patients, doctors and nuns at an institution for the criminally insane, where a man is wrongly accused of murdering several women, including his wife.

Season three, Coven, is set in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and shows current-day events in a coven of witches from Salem who are fighting for survival.

The fourth season is about a freak show at a circus and the lives of its performers.

Season five is about the staff and guests of the Hotel Cortez, a building made as a secret torture chamber in the 1920s.

The sixth season is about a farm near Roanoke, North Carolina, under siege by the ghosts of the infamously lost settlers and other strange happenings.

Season seven, Cult, is set in the fictional town of Brookfield Heights at the time of the 2016 US presidential election, which inspires the creation of a terrifying religion.

The eighth season, Apocalypse, is set in California and marks the return of the coven witches as they battle the Antichrist, Michael Langdon, in an attempt to stop a nuclear explosion.

Season nine, 1984, is set in the title year in Los Angeles at the fictional Camp Redwood, where serial killer Mr Jingles will terrorise a group of friends and site staff.

The tenth season, Double Feature, was released with two different stories. The first part, Red Tide, focuses on a family who moves to Provincetown, Massachusetts, and sinister events involve bloody sea creatures. The second story, Death Valley, deals with the US government's secret experiments on aliens and UFOs.

If you're a fan of this kind of story, you won't want to miss the list of 8 shows like American Horror Story that we have put together for you.

With a good dose of adventure and fantasy, enter the world of vampires and werewolves, fight the forces of evil, and survive in an apocalyptic world taken over by zombies.

Let yourself be immersed in the supernatural world, check out our list, and enjoy the hours of entertainment. If you have more suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.


Will American Horror Story Be Continued?

If you're a fan of this series, we have good news! The show's continuity has been confirmed for another three seasons, with season 11 already under production.

For now, no further details are known, including the release date. However, producer Ryan Murphy made several posts on Twitter asking fans to vote for potential themes for the following seasons.

The most voted stories were Bloody Mary, the figure said to appear if you say your name in a mirror, a historical plague like the Black Death or Sirens, creatures who sing to lure sailors to their deaths.

The producer, however, did not announce which theme had won the poll, so we can only wait for the return of this fantastic and thrilling series.

What Is The Scariest American Horror Story?

With such a diverse horror anthology show, it becomes challenging to be able to choose the scariest.

However, episode 6, “Return to Murder House“, from the eighth season of Apocalypse, is undoubtedly among the top.

Besides being objectively terrifying, this episode cleverly ties the stories together to its dramatic depiction of the end of the world.

It's genuinely nostalgic, bringing back the ghosts of characters that fans of the show will find familiar. A witch and a wizard (Roberts and Billy Porter) buy the original Murder House and cast a spell allowing them to see, hear and interact with all the ghosts.

Along the way, they get a disturbing insight into the Apocalypse's main antagonist while providing a sense of poetic closure for the spirits.

Besides this, we highlight episodes like “I Am Anne Frank Part 1,” episode four of season two, Asylum, and “Checking In,” the first episode of the fifth season, Hotel. In fact, we suggest you watch them all and make your evaluations if you are brave enough!


We know that American Horror Story is iconic which is why it has won over 100 awards out of its 429 award nominations. We also know that finding a show to replace it is nearly impossible!

So in the spirit of all things creepy and eerie, we hope that our list of shows like American Horror Story fills the gap while you wait for the next season of your favourite show.

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