Shows Like Ancient Apocalypse – 12 Alternative History Series

Shows Like Ancient Apocalypse

In his new Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock explores ancient sites and pieces together evidence of a forgotten global civilization.

Through interviews with leading archaeologists and other experts, Hancock provides a compelling argument for his radical reinterpretation of human history.

He argues that a great cataclysm wiped out an advanced global civilization at the end of the last Ice Age, and this event is recorded in myths and legends all around the world.

Ancient Apocalypse has sparked controversy within the scientific community. Many experts have dismissed Hancock's claims as speculation, pseudoscience and unfounded conspiracy theories. However, other experts have praised Hancock's research and his ability to construct a compelling narrative.

Whether you believe Hancock's claims or not, one thing is certain: Ancient Apocalypse has certainly ignited worldwide interest in ancient civilizations and forgotten histories.

If you're looking for more shows like Ancient Apocalypse, then we have put together a fascinating list of series and documentaries that you can stream on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+!

From lost cities to sophisticated ancient technology, these series and documentaries will take you on an incredible journey through history.

So if you're ready for a truly spellbinding adventure, then get ready to explore the mysterious, forgotten worlds of our ancestors!


We hope you enjoy our shows like Ancient Apocalypse – if you'd like to watch more history content – click here.

More Series and Shows Like Ancient Apocalypse

The Curse of Oak Island (Amazon Prime)

This show follows a group of entrepreneurs and history experts as they attempt to uncover secrets hidden beneath Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Throughout the series, viewers will be taken on a thrilling journey full of mystery and intrigue as the team works to unravel the island’s many mysteries.

What secrets are buried beneath Oak Island? Many people believe the Knights Templar, a legendary order of knights, may have hidden their treasures from the crusades on the island. Could Oak Island be home to the Holy Grail?

Expedition Unknown (Discovery+)

This series sees host Josh Gates travel the world in search of lost cities, ancient artefacts and long-forgotten secrets. Join him as he searches for Cleopatra's Palace, investigates the legend of the Yeti and uncovers a mysterious sunken city deep in the ocean.

The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great (Disney+)

A team of scientists and archaeologists go on an epic quest to find the lost tomb of Alexander The Great. Through ancient texts, archaeological artefacts and long-forgotten clues, they piece together a fascinating narrative of one of the most famous figures in history.

Secrets Of The Ancient World (Amazon Prime)

In this series, experts explore some of the world’s most mysterious ancient sites. From the pyramids of Giza to the great wall of China, this show sheds light on some of humanity’s greatest and most enduring mysteries.

Cooper's Treasure (Amazon Prime)

This docu-series follows a team of explorers as they attempt to uncover the secrets that legendary astronaut Gordon Cooper left behind. Join the team on their incredible journey as they search for sunken ships and buried treasure in some of the most remote places on Earth.

Ancient Aliens

The series is inspired by the works of renowned researchers in ancient civilizations, Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin. Ancient Aliens examine the possibility that extraterrestrial beings have influenced human history and development.

Graham Hancock Books

If you've enjoyed watching Ancient Apocalypse, then you may also be interested in reading some of Graham Hancock's books. His titles explore the forgotten history of humanity and our ancestors' alleged connection to advanced ancient civilizations.

Here's a list of the book by Graham Hancock

– Fingerprints of the Gods

– Magicians of the Gods

– Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization

– Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind

– America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization

We hope our list of shows like Ancient Apocalypse inspired you to explore the remarkable history of our ancestors!

Graham Hancock Joe Rogan

If you're looking to take your exploration of ancient civilizations even further, then make sure to listen to Joe Rogan's interviews with Graham Hancock. In these discussions, they discuss in-depth topics such as the true origins of civilization and the meaning behind various ancient artefacts.

Their conversations are incredibly insightful and will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the mysteries of our past. So, make sure to tune in and take your understanding of ancient civilizations to the next level! You can catch the interviews on Spotify.

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