Shows Like Archive 81 – Time For Some Supernatural Horror!

Shows Like Archive 81 – Time For Some Supernatural Horror!

Are you a fan of the supernatural and looking for an excellent scary series to join you on winter nights? You've come to the right place! Archive 81 is a drama and thriller series created by Rebecca Sonnenshine along with Paul Harris Boardman and James Wan.

Archive 81 follows archivist Dan Turner, who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged video tapes from 1994.

Reconstructing the work of a documentary filmmaker named Melody Pendras, he is drawn into her investigation regarding a dangerous and violent cult in the Visser building.

Following two timelines, we see the two characters form a mysterious connection. Dan becomes obsessed with discovering what happened to Melody 25 years ago and believes he can save her from her sad end.

The series is supernatural horror and was inspired by the popular podcast of the same name, following a non-linear narrative set in multiple timelines.

The central characters fall ever deeper into the supernatural world, driving them to the edge of insanity.

With a subtle yet sinister and menacing creepy vibe, the series creates an unsettling atmosphere that will stay with you long after you've finished watching the show.

If suspense hooks you to the television, and you like to get caught up in supernatural imagery, you're sure to find your new favourite show on our list of eight shows like Archive 81.

Check out our list and get caught up in the dark world of the supernatural. If you run out of sleep at night, take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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How Many Seasons Does Archive 81 Have?

Archive 81 was released on Netflix in January 2022. It soon made it into the top ten most-watched series on Netflix, with a good reception from fans.

Despite this, the series was cancelled after this season, ending with only eight episodes.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Archive 81?

Archive 81 entered the top 10 lists soon after its premiere, with the show reaching second place in its first week of availability on the streamer.

It wasn't surprising that fans were shocked when they found out that the series would not be renewed for a second season.

While there's no official explanation, Netflix has always previously said that it weighs its renewal and cancellation decisions based on a show's number of viewers versus its budget.

However, the streamer only reports audience numbers within its weekly top 10 lists.

So it's likely that, despite the substantial success and good reviews, Archive 81 couldn't maintain enough of a boost for Netflix to believe that a second season could meet or surpass the success of the first.

Why Is It Called Archive 81?

One of the greatest fan curiosities is about the title of Archive 81 and the possible enigmatic meaning behind it.

However, the primary reason behind the series title is actually very simple and straightforward, without any mystery.

Archive 81 got its title because that is the name of the podcast on which it was based.

The podcast, which follows the same basic premise of recovering old images, uses the name Archive 81 because the archive that the podcast's protagonist is cleaning and restoring is numbered 81.

Aside from this, there is no other more interesting reason known as to why this title or 81, is specific. Something that will be much more exciting in the fans' imagination.

Where Was Archive 81 Filmed?

Archive 81 is predominantly filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, using a combination of on-location and studio filming.

Shooting for the first season began in November 2020 and concluded in late March 2021.

Much of the show receives its urban backdrop in Allegheny County, where the production team uses several locations in and around downtown, including the Boulevard of the Allies, near Market Square and Point Park University.

The Black House Collections art gallery in downtown Pittsburgh is also used to film some scenes, while the building at 11 Stanwix Street is Virgil's office.

More notable Pittsburgh locations featured in the show include East Liberty Presbyterian Church, The Rex Theatre and Ritter's Diner.

Another interesting location that Pittsburgh residents will likely recognise on screen is the imposing Hartwood Acres Mansion, which is temporarily closed to the public.

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