Shows Like ‘Atypical’ – 9 Must See Series For Fans

Shows Like ‘Atypical’ – 9 Must See Series For Fans

If you're a fan of the show then you already know what Atypical is all about. It is a unique show that mixes narrative storytelling, drama, and comedy. And it was a huge hit for Netflix!

Atypical follows Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old high school senior dealing with autism. Now older, Sam decides that is time he gained some independence.

He wants a girlfriend, a job and a life all of which is celebrated by his father Doug (Michael Rapaport) and younger sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine).

However, as his mom Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh) has more or less dedicated her entire life to raising and protecting Sam, his new journey also sets her off on her own life-changing path.

With four seasons of Atypical available on Netflix, sadly the show has now ended. The story of Sam and Gardner family was wrapped up beautifully but that hasn't stopped fans from missing their favourite characters.

So if you loved Aytpical, you might be looking for more shows and series with a similar feel. With that in mind, we've put together a list of nine shows like Atypical that you might enjoy.

My favourite show on the list that I recommend you watch is Sex Education. Similar to Sam in Atypical, the Netflix show, Sex Education follows Otis, a student, who teams up with Maeve to improve his status at school and fit well with other students.

Together, they form an underground sex therapy clinic to try and solve their classmate's issues.

With a range of different storylines, but all equally as good as Atypical, here are the shows that we recommend for you.

So let's get the binge-watching party rolling.


What Is Atypical About?

Basically Atypical is an American comedy-drama television series created by Robia Rashid for Netflix.

It focuses on the life of 18-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), who is on the autism spectrum.

The story, while largely focusing on Sam, also looks at the entire family and how they are impacted by his Autism, including his sister Casey.

However, while the main character may be on the spectrum, Atypical is more of a coming-of-age show as both siblings look to grow and find their independence in life.

What Makes Atypical So Watchable?

It's watchable for a number of reasons. The cast is amazing, the storylines are relatable and heart warming and the relationships between the characters are real and engaging.

Here are some other reasons why Atypical is so popular.

Sam's Facts On The Antarctic
Sam's facts are both hilarious and endearing. He relates everything to Antarctica uniquely, keeping you well-informed.

It's a thread that runs through all four seasons of the show and is pivotal in giving Sam a wonderful goodbye in the show.

It Informs The Audience On Autism
Atypical's portrayal of autism has attracted mixed reviews. It extends beyond the lives of people with autism and explains how the spectrum affects daily life and family and friends.

The second season featured more autistic actors and writers, giving them an greater opportunity to work and represent their community.

Evan And Casey's Relationship
Although Evan is not a central character, his strong relationship with Casey is notable. It's the only strong one in season one, and he is someone that makes the show fascinating.

Their on-again-off-again relationship spans the four seasons as Casey matures, realising who she is as a person and what she wants out of life.

Where was ‘Atypical' Filmed?

Although Sam lives in Connecticut with his family on the series, most of the production takes place in California, especially in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles.

The specific locations used include Aquarium of the Pacific, College of the Canyons and the Hollywood Presbyterian Church Parking Lot.

Otherwise, it was largely shot on set.

Is There A Season 5 Of Atypical?

Sadly, there will be no season 5 of the show. On the brighter side, Robia Rashid, the series creator, knew that season 4 would be the end and crafted the season to the final episode perfectly.

She was able to create a moving and heartfelt finale for Sam and dad Doug that fans of the show absolutely loved.

The Cast Of Atypical

A show that runs for four very successful seasons will always have a large cast, including a lot of recurring characters who pop in and out over the years.

Here we look at the main cast of Atypical and the other shows and movies you may have also seen them in.

Keir Gilchrist as Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum who has an interest in Antarctica and loves penguins.

If you want to see more of Keir Gilchrist, check him out on Netflix in It's Kind of a Funny Story. More recently he has starred in An Intrusion about a family terrorised by a stalker.

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Elsa Gardner, Sam and Casey's overprotective mother.

Famous for her role in Single White Female, Jennifer Jason Leigh has been working in the industry for more than forty years. You can also catch her in Hunters on Amazon Prime.

Michael Rapaport as Doug Gardner, Sam and Casey's father and Elsa's husband.

This may be a very big role for Rappaport but he has racked up credits in other major movies and shows including Sully with Tom Hanks, The Big Bang Theory and Only Murders in the Building.

Brigette Lundy-Paine as Casey Gardner, Sam's younger sister who also is very protective of him.

Currently starring in the hit tv series City of Ghosts, Lundy-Paine can also be seen in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Graham Rogers as Evan Chapin, Casey's boyfriend from the beginning of the series.

Wondering where else you've seen Graham Rogers? It could be Ray Donovan, The Kominsky Method on Netflix or Quantico because he has starred in all of them!

Amy Okuda as Julia Sasaki, Sam's dedicated therapist, whom he briefly has a crush on.

Nik Dodani as Zahid Raja, Sam's best friend.

Jenna Boyd as Paige Hardaway, Sam's high-achieving friend and later girlfriend.

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