Shows Like Black Mirror – 11 Mind Bending Series To Stream Now!

Shows Like Black Mirror – 11 Mind Bending Series To Stream Now!

So you're looking for more movies and shows like Black Mirror? Well, you've come to the right place.

We have put together a list of 11 fantastic series and films that fans of Charlie Brooker' brilliant sci-fi series will appreciate.

The movies and shows listed below have the perfect blend of sci-Fi, dystopian visions of the future and originality – just like your favourite episodes of Black Mirror (BTW, my favourite is The Entire History of You).

So hopefully, you'll find at least a few movies and series that will scratch your itch while you wait for Black Mirror season 6 to drop on Netflix.

If we had to pick just one suggestion for you, it would be Ex-Machina or maybe Love, Death. Robots+ but you won't be disappointed by any of these shows & movies – enjoy, the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

And, as always, let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations that we've missed!

We hope you enjoy our list of 11 shows & movies like Black Mirror – if you'd like to watch more sci-fi series and movies click here.

What Is Black Mirror About?

The TV series Black Mirror is a British sci-fi drama in the anthology format. The show was created by Charlie Brooker. The first two episodes were shown on Channel 4 in the UK in 2011 and additional seasons have since been released internationally on Netflix.

Episodes are stand-alone stories that share common themes such as whether technology can change human behaviour; and what happens if you live your life online.

The show uses contemporary techno-paranoia to explore modern society, often using the “what-if” scenario of new social media technology to satirise contemporary culture.

The series has received critical acclaim and is often considered one of the best sci-fi programs on TV. So far it has run for five seasons, containing 21 episodes in total. Black Mirror season 6 is scheduled to air on Netflix in June 2023.

Many Black Mirror fans have compared the show to the original Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. No two episodes of Black Mirror are the same, although similar themes run through the thought provoking short stories.

What Does ‘Black Mirror' Mean?

The name “Black Mirror” refers to the black reflective surface of an electronic device (such as a smartphone or tablet), which can be used as a mirror when turned off, but also as a window into another reality when turned on.

Who Wrote Black Mirror?

Charlie Brooker is the writer and creator of the TV science fiction series Black Mirror.

Previously, Brooker wrote Dead Set, a five-part zombie apocalypse horror for E4 set in the Big Brother house.

The amazing stories in Black Mirror were a critical and commercial success, having aired three episodes on Channel 4 in December 2011 to enthusiastic reactions.

Brooker wrote the first episode and co-wrote the second with his wife Konnie Huq, as well as writing all three episodes of series two. He also created all 12 episodes of series three for Netflix in September 2015.

The rights to the program were transferred from Channel 4 to Netflix in September 2015 after the second season aired.

Where Can I Watch Black Mirror?

You can catch Black Mirror (including the interactive ‘Bandersnatch' episode) on Netflix.

Brooker has previously explained why Netflix is the perfect platform for Black Mirror, saying: “On Netflix, we can put the whole thing up and it's like a short story collection, or an album, or tickets to a film festival.”

Best Black Mirror Episodes

Of course, when writing about ‘the best' of anything, the opinion is really subjective. So what may be one person's favourite episode of the show may be another person's least favourite.

When it comes to Black Mirror, some episodes are universally regarded as being superb, so here goes…


Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Nosedive follows Lacie, a woman pursuing social media popularity in a world where individuals assign ratings to every interaction with each other.

However, her standing plummets after a difficult encounter with an airport check-in assistant and her world spirals into free fall.

The episode had many viewers suggest it ‘hit too close to home'.

Shut Up and Dance

Also considered one of the best episodes that tackles modern technology scares like revenge porn, webcam hacking, and other forms of online abuse that are extremely common nowadays.

The story features characters who've been filmed doing something embarrassing via their laptops' cameras without their knowledge, which causes them to be blackmailed by anonymous criminals who threaten to expose them if they don't follow their orders.

USS Callister

Forever destined to be known as “the Star Trek one,” the Black Mirror instalment USS Callister is a fan favourite.

In a virtual-reality scenario called Space Fleet, Jesse Plemons is a loser who plays the part of a winner. He uses his coding omnipotence to exact revenge on everyone in the office who has ever wronged him.

Be Right Back

For his most incredible accomplishment, Brooker confronts death itself, setting up a future in which a widow may have her late spouse's personality copied into a new body in the episode called Be Right Back.

This short story is a profound meditation on the blurry line between human invention and nature's fundamental forces, which packs a deadly emotional gut punch.

White Christmas

Originally airing as a special in 2014, Black Mirror: White Christmas is set in a secluded cabin on Christmas Day.

The episode weaves together three distinct narratives as shared by Matt (Jon Hamm) and Joe (Rafe Spall).

In the first tale, a man is guided remotely as he tries to win over a woman at a Christmas gathering. The second story revolves around Matt's occupation, where he trains “cookies” – digital replicas of individuals.

The final narrative focuses on Joe, who becomes fixated on his former fiancée following an abrupt split.

This episode delves into themes such as the techniques of seduction, artificial intelligence and consciousness, and also extrapolates the idea of Internet blocking into real-life scenarios.

Where Was The Black Mirror ‘Crocodile' episode Filmed

It was filmed in Iceland and features portions shot at the Harpa concert hall.

In his script, Charlie Brooker had originally requested filming in Scotland, but he later said that Netflix pushed for Iceland as a “breathtaking backdrop.”


So there you have our best 11 movies and shows like Black Mirror. With a dystopian backdrop, these dramas have wowed audiences around the world so don't miss out and start watching today!

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