Shows Like Broadchurch – 9 Murder Mysteries To Stream Now

Shows Like Broadchurch

If you like crime thrillers and are looking for a new series that's just as compelling as Broadchurch, you've come to the right place.

Broadchurch was created by Chris Chibnall and has won many fans worldwide, gripping audiences from its first episodes.

However, if you've already binged the series you'll probably be looking for more shows like Broadchurch.

We have assembled a list of nine mysterious series full of drama and intriguing plots.

Don't miss our list; you will surely find a series that will captivate you and bring endless hours of entertainment.

And don't forget to let us know what you think of our suggestions in the comments below.


How Many Seasons Of Broadchurch?

Broadchurch aired its first season in March 2013, with eight episodes.

Following its success, the second season was confirmed immediately after the last chapter of the first. Filming began at the end of May 2014, premiering in January 2015.

The third season was confirmed in February 2015, also immediately after the end of the second season. It aired in February 2017 with eight episodes, with the last episode broadcast in 2017.

The finale ends in a major arc where D.S. Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) and D.I. Alec Hardy (David Tennant) reveal the culprit. Thought to be a trilogy, Broadchurch thus ended with three seasons and 24 episodes.

Is Broadchurch Worth Watching?

Although Broadchurch is not new, it is considered one of the best police drama series.

As well as the brilliantly written plot, the actor's performances played vital roles in the show's success.

Like many series in the genre, the suspense and mystery are only as good as the list of possible suspects, and this show has many of them.

As the town's secrets unravel, the mysteries densify, becoming more and more captivating.

The small English town of Broadchurch, where the drama takes place, is picturesque, beautiful and full of possible murderers.

The show does a brilliant job of taunting every town resident as the culprit, which makes your mind killer change several times, making it a nerve-wracking challenge to try and discover the real guilty.

Although the show ended almost a decade ago, many fans still continue to watch the series, proving that Broadchurch is definitely worth watching!

Interesting Facts About Broadchurch

Although Broadchurch premiered in 2013, creator and writer Chris Chibnall began writing the story and scripts for the first episodes in 2011.

After approaching ITV in the autumn of that same year, the network quickly approved it for production.

Most scenes were filmed in Dorset on the Channel coast, with shots in and around Clevedon and West Bay, in England.

Some aspects of the performances were improvised to create a documentary visual style, and an emphasis on first takes was used to increase the realism of the series and acting.

Few crew members and none of the actors knew the identity of the killer when the filming began. Several measures were taken to keep this secret. Only those who had an absolute need to know were told as filming began for the final three episodes.

The Broadchurch series received wide critical acclaim and high audience ratings. The music of Ólafur Arnalds also helped to inspire the mood and tone of the show. Arnalds composed the soundtrack specifically for the series, which won a BAFTA Craft Award.

Among the many honours received by the cast and crew, Olivia Colman won a BAFTA for Best Actress and David Bradley for Best Supporting Actor. The series was nominated for Best Drama.

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