Shows Like Dead Like Me – 9 Brilliant Comedy Dramas

Shows Like Dead Like Me – 9 Brilliant Comedy Dramas

Dead Like Me is a fantasy comedy-drama series starring Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin as grim reapers living and working in Seattle, Washington.

The series has two seasons and was nominated for several awards, including Best Actress in a Television Series for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

What Is Dead Like Me About?

The show follows an aimless 18-year-old girl who is the narrating protagonist of the episodes. Georgia, better known as “George”, leads a monotonous life with a mediocre family.

She has dropped out of school and has no jobs, friends or ambitions. On her first day at work, she dies after being hit by a toilet seat and debris from the MIR space station.

What was supposed to be the end of everything turns into a big surprise when she discovers she is now a member of the Pacific Northwest, a group of reapers.

She is soon informed that instead of passing on to the great beyond, she will become a grim reaper collecting souls of people who die in accidents and murders.

This is when she meets Rube, the leader of the reapers, and discovers that she is joining the remaining group, Mason, Roxy, and Daisy, people who died with unresolved issues and lessons that should have been learned and weren't.

With a clever mix of drama and black humour, Dead Like Me shows that death can be a real awakening to life.

Shows Like Dead To Me

If you like dramatic comedies and are looking for a series along the same line then check out our list of shows like Dead To Me that we have created for you.

Follow a private investigator who has a bizarre ability to bring dead people back to life through touch. However, they can only stay alive for one minute, and if they don't die again, someone close to them will, in Pushing Daisies.

Meet a New Jersey woman who discovers that she is not exactly a good person through an intricate string of supernatural events that lead her to visit the afterlife, in the comedy, The Good Place.

Or follow God, who, after devoting so much of his existence to taking care of the Earth, is now more interested in focusing on his own interests and having fun with his favourite hobbies, in Miracle Workers.

Check out our list of shows like Dead To Me, where you are sure to find a new show to brighten up your evenings.

If you have any other suggestions, please remember to share them with us in the comments below.


Why Does Dead Like Me Only Have Two Seasons?

Dead Like Me was created by Bryan Fuller and premiered in June 2003 with one season of fourteen episodes.

However, the director left the series still during the first season claiming creative differences.

He shared much disagreement over significant plot cuts that he felt were important to the central theme. In an interview, Fuller also pointed out that there needed to be more professionalism, making the show's production very difficult.

He even claimed that they were constantly trying to set him up and that it was the worst experience of his life. According to the producer, Dead Like Me was cancelled due to a loss of quality and continuing problems on set.

Executive producers John Masius and Stephen Godchaux took over, and the second and final season was released in June of the following year with fifteen episodes.

A DVD movie Dead Like Me: Life After Death, was released in February 2009, with the option to reboot the series, but that did not happen.

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