Shows Like Deadwind – 10 Awesome Crime Dramas To Stream

Shows Like Deadwind – 10 Awesome Crime Dramas To Stream

Deadwind is a Finnish crime drama that follows Sofia Karppi, a recently widowed detective in the Finnish police. The series often draws comparisons to Nordic Noir classics such as The Bridge and The Killing.

The program is addictive and compelling. After all, no one does brooding crime programs like the Scandinavians.

If you're on the hunt for more shows like Deadwind, we have a list of some recommendations to help you find your next Scandi crime caper.

Not all the series on the list are from Scandinavia, but we've included a few. My personal favourite is Bordertown. It has a fantastic cast and is engaging to watch.

If you enjoy watching crime dramas, this other Finnish series from Netflix is must-see TV.


We hope you enjoy our Shows & Movies Like Deadwind – if you'd like to watch more crime dramas – click here.

Is Deadwind On Netflix Any Good?

Yes, Deadwind is a really good show. It's one of those crime dramas that's addictive and compelling to watch.

If you love a bit of gritty crime drama with realistic but complex characters then you'll enjoy this.

We recommend Deadwind to anyone who enjoys Nordic Noir crime fiction. If you liked The Killing or The Bridge – you'll love Deadwind.

How Many Seasons Does Deadwind Have?

In total Deadwind has three seasons all of which are available to watch on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the third season is the final season and it premiered on Friday 29 October in Finland before making a 2022 debut on Netflix.

Season 1 had 12 episodes and both season 2 and season 3 have 8 episodes each. That makes a total 28 episodes of Deadwind available to stream.

Where Is Deadwind Filmed?

Deadwind is filmed in the Uusimaa region, Finland. Finland's capital and largest city, Helsinki, is also contained in the region which has a population of 1,723,000 people.

While Finnish is the first language of the area, Uusimaa also has the highest total number of native speakers of Swedish in Finland.

What Is Nurmi's Car In Deadwind?

Sakari Nurmi drives a BMW E31 8-series coupe, last produced in 1999. It came with a V12 engine and was a luxury GT car.

Though Nurmi's 8-series BMW coupe is still shown in the opening title sequence for season 3, his new car, in season 3 is a Porsche Taycan GTS electric sedan.

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