Shows Like Doctor Who – 13 Fantastic Series For Time Lord Fans

Shows Like Doctor Who

If you're looking for more shows like Doctor Who? You'll be hoping for series or movies with time-travel elements, evil aliens and maybe even a killer robot or two.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an extraterrestrial being who appears to be human, he darts through the universe in a time-travelling spaceship called the TARDIS.

Over 800 hundred episodes of the science fiction TV series have aired since the first Doctor (William Hartnell) stepped from inside the iconic blue British police box in November 1963. However, if you've seen all those episodes and the two feature films, you might be looking for more shows like Doctor Who?

I've put together a list of 13 fantastic series that Doctor Who fans should absolutely love. The list is Tardis-like, small on the outside but large on the inside. It contains a mix of sci-fi series, time travel movies and comedy.

My favourite series on the list is Love, Death +Robots; it's an eclectic mixture of futuristic tales which covers good versus evil, a zombie apocalypse and space travel. Also, check out the fantastic movie Time Trap – the film that follows five young students who set off to find their missing archaeology professor. From the outset, it bucks the trend, which makes it far more engaging than expected.

I hope you enjoy the list, let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for Doctor Who fans.


We hope you enjoy our 13 Shows & Movies Like Doctor Who – if you'd like to watch more sci-fi series and movies click here.

Jodie Whittaker, The First Female Doctor

Jodie Whittaker portrays the Thirteenth incarnation doctor. She is the first woman to play the character. Her debut appearance came in the show's eleventh series (2013) and continued with the series twelve and thirteen.

The popular actress came to prominence in her 2006 feature film ‘Venus', for which she received the British Independent Film Award. She was later praised for her role in the cult sci fi series Black Mirror “The Entire History of You” (2011).

Whittaker's take on the Doctor is a light-hearted explorer with a passion for creating things who places a high value on friendships and the human race.

Jodie will finish her stint as the Doctor in 2022 when the final episode of the current series drops on the BBC. The season sees familiar foes appear across a single-story season, with some surprise faces expected. It's been hinted that the alien menaces that are the ‘Cybermen‘ will return from deep space in a highly advanced alien spaceship.

The final episode airing is expected in spring 2022,  after which Whittaker will regenerate into the as-yet unannounced 14th Doctor.

Who Will Be The Next Doctor?

There's been a lot of debate about who will take over from Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, but her replacement hasn't yet been announced. Olly Alexander, 31, lead singer of Years & Years and It's A Sin star, is currently odds-on to become the fourteenth Doctor Who, according to bookmaker William Hill.

Who Was The Most Powerful Doctor Who?

The current Doctor is the 13th and thus the most powerful. I'm sure everyone will disagree with me, but let me try to convince you why.

Every Doctor is different, making them each unique individual. Although he regenerates over and over again, his face changes with every regeneration, yet he's still the same person with the same memories and experiences.

All of the Doctors preceding the 13th have all of their knowledge, memories, and experiences combined with some of her own. When she regenerates and there's a 14th Doctor, he or she will be the most powerful, thus it will continue.

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