Shows Like Elementary – Great Crime Drama To Stream Today

Shows Like Elementary – Great Crime Drama To Stream Today

Elementary is an adaptation by Robert Doherty of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel, which brings the characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to the present time, living in New York.

In the series, Watson (Lucy Liu) is a woman, bringing a unique and captivating dynamic to the story.

What Is Elementary About?

The series follows the iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller), who moves to Manhattan after his fall from grace in London and a drug rehab period.

His affluent father forces him to live with a sober companion, Dr Joan Watson. She was previously a successful surgeon who lost a patient and her license three years earlier.

Watson was hired as a rehab monitor but ended up getting involved with Sherlock's work as a consultant for the NYPD and sees the new job as an opportunity to help people once again while paying for his own actions.

Over time, Sherlock discovers in his partner's medical knowledge a great help in solving cases, and Watson realises that she has a talent for investigation.

Sherlock's police contact, New York Police Captain Thomas Gregson, knows from previous experience working with Scotland Yard that Sherlock is brilliant at solving cases and welcomes him as part of the team.

The detective group also includes Detective Marcus Bell, an investigator with sharp intuition and intimidating interrogation skills. Although initially sceptical of Holmes and his unorthodox methods, Bell begins recognising Sherlock as an invaluable asset in solving his cases.

The series also features Holmes' ongoing conflict with his enemy and former lover, Jamie Moriarty and other supporting roles such as Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes and John Noble as Sherlock's father, Morland Holmes.

If you like crime series with plenty of drama and peculiar detectives in the mix, you'll enjoy checking out the list of eight shows like Elementary that we've put together for you.

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How Many Seasons Does Elementary Have?

Elementary was well received by critics, who praised the performances, the writing, the fresh approach to the source material and the new modern twist detailed throughout the show's New York adaptation.

The series premiered in September 2012, with the first season of 24 episodes. The second season aired about a year later and was partially filmed in London.

The third season came out at the end of October 2014, and in November of the following year, the fourth season was released with another 24 episodes.

The fifth season debuted in October 2016, and it was in April 2018 that the sixth season returned with 21 episodes. The seventh and final season premiered in May 2019 with only 13 episodes.

In the end, Elementary concluded with seven seasons and a total of 154 episodes.

Why Was Elementary Cancelled?

When the sixth season of Elementary was released, the executive producers decided to create a final episode that could be a series finale. That's why the sixth season ends with Holmes and Watson moving to London, where they begin investigating cases and working with Scotland Yard.

Although returning Sherlock Holmes to his roots would have been an appropriate ending, the series was eventually renewed for a seventh season. However, it was described as the series finale when this was announced.

Even though the ratings decreased over the last two seasons, Elementary was always a big hit with audiences and at the top of the most watched.

It is believed that one of the reasons for the decision to end the series was related to the contracts of stars Miller and Liu coming to an end.

However, with the story ending, everyone involved felt that this was a natural ending, where the series goes out on a creative high, and everyone leaves satisfied and successful.

There are no plans for any follow-up series or spin-off, although it has yet to be ruled out for the future. For now, we can satisfy our nostalgia and start another Elementary marathon. A series not to be missed!

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