Shows Like Elite – The Best Teen Dramas Streaming Right Now

Shows Like Elite – The Best Teen Dramas Streaming Right Now

Elite is a Spanish thriller and teen drama series that Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona created for Netflix.

The show features a storyline involving a mystery element, where each season takes place in two timelines.

Elite explores concepts and themes associated with teen dramas but also shows more progressive pieces and another side of its clichés.

The series follows the daily life at Las Encinas, the best and most exclusive school in Spain, attended only by children of wealthy and influential families.

What Is Elite About?

Things begin to change when three public school students are transferred there due to an earthquake that destroyed their old school.

Christian, Nadia and Samuel consider themselves lucky for the relocation but soon become targets of an overwhelming class difference.

Students like Marina, Lu and Polo, who are used to doing things their own way, will make it even more difficult for the newcomers to settle in.

Furthermore, the routine at Las Encinas is marked by tension, intrigue and many conflicting emotions. The contrast between the less favoured and the wealthy leads to a mysterious murder.

Now the question remains to find out who is behind the crime, if the killer is one of the newcomers or if something darker is hiding in the hallways.

If you enjoyed watching Elite and are looking for another series that will keep you equally entertained, you will want to check out the list of shows like Elite that we have put together for you.

Join an insecure teenager who sets up a sex therapy clinic at school, or follow the turbulence of high school with family drama and growing superpowers.

Don't miss our list of shows like Elite, and who knows, you might discover your new favourite series!

Please feel free to leave us any other suggestions in the comments below.


How Many Seasons Has Elite?

The first season of Elite was released in October 2018, with eight episodes. With very positive reviews, the series was renewed for a second season, launched in September 2019.

The third season was announced in August 2019 and released in March 2020. In May of the same year and February 2021, Netflix renewed the series for a fourth and fifth season.

The fourth season aired in June 2021, and the sixth season was announced in October of the same year.

With the fifth season released in April 2022, a sixth season is scheduled to premiere on November 18th 2022.

In total, Elite has five seasons with a total of 40 episodes.

Where Was Elite Filmed?

Elite is a Spanish series, so it was filmed in the Madrid area, including parts shot in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

The mountains north of the Spanish capital often appear as a backdrop.

The first two seasons were filmed entirely in 4K. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, season four began filming in August 2020, in conjunction with season five.

The shooting for the sixth season began in February 2022 and ended on 3rd June of the same year.

Is Elite Worth Watching?

Elite is a teen thriller full of entertainment, mystery and drama that will keep you wanting more.

With an exciting plot involving murder and twists and turns, it's one of those oddly satisfying and worthwhile curiosities.

Unlike most high school dramas, the series threads its plot with real human emotions by focusing on kids and how growing up too fast can have devastating consequences.

The show starts with its mystery from the beginning, keeping the viewer watching closely. One of the best parts is the fact that the writers don't leave any characters out but instead explore them deeply, giving every one of them their own voice.

With several questions in each episode, viewers can't help feeling the urge to get ready only to find the answers.

There are moments when you'll often feel like you've discovered the truth, but then Elite will have a whole new twist.

More than just an ordinary teen show with loads of drama and recurring clichés, the series addresses these progressive social issues in a very subtle and fantastic way.

Additionally, it covers several complex topics, such as inequality between the rich and the poor, diseases like HIV, and sexual themes like polyamory and incest, which also play a considerable role in the later episodes.

With enough forbidden romances and love triangles, Elite delivers a relatable teen show worth watching.

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