Shows Like Emily In Paris – 9 Fantastic Comedy Dramas To Watch Now

Shows Like Emily In Paris – 9 Fantastic Comedy Dramas To Watch Now

Looking for a great comedy with some drama and a touch of style in Parisian scenery? Emily in Paris is the perfect series for you!

Created by Darren Star, this show has become one of the most popular on Netflix.

Emily in Paris follows Emily Cooper (Lily Collins, Windfall), a young American marketing executive who moves from Chicago to Paris after receiving an unexpected job offer.

Aiming to provide an American point of view to Savoir, a French marketing firm, she wins the chance to realise all her dreams.

However, Emily faces many challenges along the way, from not being able to speak French to difficulty in making friends and love adventures worthy of a movie.

Things get easier when she finds a good friend in Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), a Korean nanny also trying to make a living and fulfil her dreams in the French capital.

As well as dealing with serious challenges with her boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), Emily also faces a tricky situation when she develops feelings for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), her friend Camille's boyfriend.

If you are a fan of theatrical series and can't do without a good dose of humour, we have created a list of nine alternative shows like Emily In Paris that will amaze you.

There are options to suit all kinds of preferences, from beautiful French scenarios to almost real stories balancing career, romance, friendships and family life, and even simple storylines that allow you to relax.

Check out our list and let yourself be delighted by these fantastic options.

If you have any other suggestions, don't forget to leave them in the comments below.


Is There Going To Be A Season Three Of Emily In Paris?

In January of this year, Netflix confirmed that the hit show, Emily In Paris has been renewed.

The even better news is that not only did they announce a third season but ALSO a fourth season!

Although there is no release date yet, seasons 1 and 2 came out in October 2020 and December 2021.

So, Emily in Paris season 3 is likely to come out in late 2022 or early 2023.

This time Emily's love interest Alfie will play a more significant role as Lucien Laviscount was regularly shot in April.

Emily in Paris Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with Alfie returning to London to work. He is willing to give long distance a try, but Emily has made plans to admit her true feelings for another love interest, Gabriel.

When she gathers the courage to tell Gabriel how she feels, she finds out he's moving in with his girlfriend again, Camille.

Is Emily in Paris Any Good?

Let's face it, Emily in Paris is not particularly complex or difficult to follow, but it's the show that nurtures your taste for guilty pleasures.

When the first season started in October 2020, it was the show that everyone loved to hate but ended up watching anyway.

The show's understanding of French culture was seen as cliché, and Emily felt a little arrogant. However, Emily in Paris is the kind of serial you can start watching at the weekend, and as you cringe at its eccentricities and laugh at the silliness of the storyline, you've already gone through ten episodes.

Emily's fixed nature at work, where she has conquered her colleagues, her confused love triangle situation with her friend and boyfriend, and multiple love interests, keep us going from one episode to another.

Created by Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City, many of Emily's misadventures in the “city of love” take us to an alternate timeline where Carrie would have moved to Paris, and things hadn't worked out for her.

But Emily is an updated version of Carrie, so self-centred and unaware of what's happening around her, yet fully conscious that she has a job with deadlines.

Every man she meets instantly wants to be with her, which adds a full romantic adventure to the plot.

Overall, Emily in Paris becomes a fun and cheerful series that will entertain you in each episode, leaving you looking forward to the next season.

Why Is Mindy Called The Zipper Queen?

Mindy is Emily's best friend, a Korean nanny who, like herself, is trying to make her dreams come true in Paris.

She refers to her father as the Zipper King because he owns a company manufacturing zips and other types of fasteners, which has made him immensely rich.

Conclusion To Shows Like Emily In Paris

There you have nine of the best shows like Emily In Paris. All of them are drama packed and comedy gold, they all have multiple seasons and all are available to stream.

So sit back and relax and spend some time having a few laughs and chuckles to brighten up your day!

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