Shows Like Eureka – Quirky And Brilliant Sci Fi Drama

Shows like Eureka

Are you looking for a science fiction series to brighten up your evenings? You've found the right place! Eureka is a refreshing comedy-drama series that you will want to watch from the first episode to the last.

At the end of the Second World War, the United States almost lost the competition to build the atomic bomb and could not risk it happening again.

Therefore, President Harry S. Truman ordered a top-secret project, installed in an isolated area on the Pacific coast, to protect the country's most valuable intellectuals and their research.

Concealed by an electromagnetic shield, Eureka is operated by a corporation called Global Dynamics, which the US Department of Defense oversees.

The existence and location of the city is a closely guarded secret, where for years, the US government has secretly relocated the world's greatest geniuses and their families.

Designed by the best architects, the community boasts excellent education and quality of life for its residents, and ordinary events share space with unique innovations and complete madness.

But when Officer Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is involved in a car accident while transporting an escaped prisoner, his rebellious teenage daughter Zoe, he discovers the settlement. Trapped there with his broken car, he soon realises that things are not as they seem and slowly makes his way into the biggest secret in US history.

Carter finds himself compelled to fill the vacant sheriff's position and restore order, as well as guard one of the national secrets.

Alongside Carter, we find other interesting characters, such as his deputy, an ex-soldier in the American Army who at first is not very happy with the arrival of the new boss. Henry Deacon is one of Eureka's residents and hides a brilliant mind under his appearance as a simple mechanic.

Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) is the link between the Pentagon and Eureka, in addition to being responsible for informing about the progress of science and the town's inhabitants.

From misplaced love to professional disputes, from addiction to depression, the problems of the residents of Eureka are more complicated than those of ordinary people.

The talent of this population, their psychological issues and unlimited resources turn the worries in the village in a few minutes into large-scale problems.

Shows Like Eureka

If you liked Eureka and are looking for another series of the same kind to accompany you in your evenings, take a look at the list of nine shows like Eureka that we have picked for you.

Come aboard an exploratory ship, where the newly divorced captain begins to assemble a team as well prepared as eccentric. However, he discovers that one of the crew members will be his ex-wife, and no matter their disagreements, they must learn to live together in space.

Or follow a family of siblings with extraordinary powers who reunite after the death of their father and discover surprising family secrets, as well as an imminent threat to humanity.

Check out our list of shows like Eureka and treat yourself to hours of entertainment. Please leave us some more suggestions in the comments below.


We hope you enjoy our shows like Eureka – if you'd like to watch more sci-fi comedy – click here.

How Many Seasons Does Eureka Have?

Eureka premiered in July 2006 with the first season of twelve episodes. A year later, the second season, with 13 episodes, was released.

The third season of 18 episodes was divided into two parts, with eight being launched in July 2008 and 10 to be released in July the following year.

The same was done with the fourth season, which premiered ten episodes in July 2010 and 11 ones a year later.

In August 2010, the channel announced that the show had been optioned for a fifth season of 13 episodes. There was speculation that the series was moving forward for a sixth and possibly final season of six episodes.

Still, in August 2011, it was stated that Eureka would not receive that season but would be cancelled after the fifth. However, an additional episode from the fifth season was approved to give the series a proper ending.

Thus, the show's fifth and final season premiered in April 2012, ending Eureka with a total of five seasons and 77 episodes.

Why Was Eureka Cancelled?

Despite some speculation, Eureka ended in its fifth season. Although it initially did not receive much critical acclaim, the series was a ratings hit.

It was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Visual Effects for a Series and won the Leo Award for Best Visual Effects in a Drama Series.

With the announcement of the programme's cancellation, a fan campaign broke out on social media, protesting what they felt was a wrong decision by the network.

However, it was later explained by the production company that despite Eureka being a successful series, the fact was that it was an expensive show to make, and profit margins became slim.

Not being able to maintain the quality with the cuts necessary to make the series profitable, the only solution was to end the show.

Despite this, it created a proper ending for Eureka, which you can re-watch anytime. A series you will enjoy for sure!

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