Shows Like First Kill – The Best Fantasy Drama Streaming Now

Shows Like First Kill – The Best Fantasy Drama Streaming Now

First Kill is a supernatural teen drama production based on the short story of the same name by author Victoria Schwab.

The story follows the lives of two rival groups, a family of vampires and a family of monster hunters.

Teenage vampire Juliette Fairmont belongs to a long and powerful line of immaculate vampires, direct matrilineal descendants of Lilith, who chose to be bitten by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Having celebrated her sixteenth birthday, she must make her first kill to enter adulthood and survive. Juliette has trouble choosing someone to feed on and struggles with her growing bloodlust, as she believes that draining humans is wrong.

On the other side, we meet Calliope, who belongs to a monster-hunting family of The Guardian Guild, and must kill her first monster to gain her family's approval and officially become a Slayer.

After failing at her first kill, she tries at any cost to prove herself trustworthy again.

As both families inevitably become involved and Juliette and Calliope's relationship develops, the girls realise that killing each other is not so simple.

Thus, coming from opposite worlds, they must fight metaphorically and literally if they are to stay together and live this great love.

Shows Like First Kill

If you are a fan of fiction series and don't miss a good forbidden romance, you should look at the list of nine shows like First Kill we have put together, especially for you.

Meet the original vampires in a drama around three brothers, the first vampires in existence.

Or follow Wynonna Earp, the oldest descendant of Wyatt who must tack down and send demons back to hell, in this action packed supernatural series with a twist.

And why not round things off with the story of a young girl, who discovers on her 18th birthday, that she is quite unlike everybody else. She is a human born with angelic blood who protects humans from demons.

Check out our list of shows like First Kill and enter a fantasy fiction marathon that will get you completely hooked on the screen. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


We hope you enjoy our shows like First Kill – if you'd like to watch more fantasy drama – click here.

Why Was First Kill Cancelled?

Despite a good reception and multiple fans worldwide, First Kill ended after its first 8-episode season.

The teen vampire series featured a young cast and entered the Top 10 English-language series three days after its premiere, winning seventh place with 30.3 million views.

A week after the premiere, it ascended to the third position in the Top 10, trailing only Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders. One month after launch, the series surpassed 100 million hours viewed.

Despite this, this performance was not enough to greenlight a second season, and as such, it was not renewed.

Sources close to the show claim that while Netflix is proud of the work of producers, cast and crew, the decision came down to a matter of audience numbers vs costs. Thus, the decision was not to renew the series, much to the dislike of many fans.

Is First Kill Worth Seeing?

If you like fictional series where you can use your imagination and travel through a fantasy world, First Kill is worth watching.

The reality is that regardless of acting ability, First Kill ends up having an importance that goes far beyond a simple love story between two girls in their teens.

The series stands out precisely by introducing fantasy and mythology into its narrative, taking the total focus off romance as the main thread of the production and making it almost like something secondary.

The importance of the series lies between the lines, from the moment you have the opportunity to see yourself travelling and living in other realities like any other character.

In times when creativity goes far beyond simply existing, First Kill is also about dreaming and fantasising.

There are fun, silly lines, ridiculous jokes and plenty of cliché about forbidden loves.

First Kill also has a good soundtrack, a very attractive light play and a suitable length to kill the whole series in one marathon.

It may not be for everyone, but given the significance of a title like this, its existence is already very well justified and worthwhile. Well worth a look!

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