Shows Like Fleabag – 10 Brilliant Dark Comedies To Stream NOW

Shows Like Fleabag – 10 Brilliant Dark Comedies To Stream NOW

Fleabag is a British comedy-drama series that follows an unhappy woman trying to manage modern ways of living in London. The story is based on a monologue written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge herself.

Waller-Bridge is young Fleabag, a free-spirited, sexually addicted, angry, and confused young woman.

She deals with almost universal problems from a female point of view, such as relationship problems, sexual and professional frustration and family conflict.

She tries to put her life back together after losing her best friend while navigating the modern world of London.

Living through grief after the accidental death of her best friend and partner Boo, and with her pathetic boyfriend Harry, she finds herself broke, confused, and trying to enjoy a more prolific sex life.

While her family, including her estranged father, stepmother, and uptight rich sister, Claire, know she's struggling, Fleabag refuses their help.

She pushes back against the world with anger and a deliberate, dry sense of humour, keeping her intimidating profile as intact as possible.

The title character often follows the camera to provide exposition, internal monologues and a running commentary to the audience.

Shows Like Fleabag

If you enjoyed the series and are looking for something new that gets you equally hooked, check out our list of ten shows like Fleabag you can't miss.

Follow the troubled life of a woman in her twenties and the complexities regarding her and her friends' sex lives in Crashing.

Meet a confused and funny couple, who tackle deeper themes such as depression, but keep a good mood, especially with sarcasm, when they make several wrong decisions during their lives in You're The Worst.

Also, check out the story of a short relationship that ended up with surprise pregnancy. The unexpected child makes the unlikely couple seek to face this new relationship's difficulties so they can form a new family, in Catastrophe.

Check out our list of shows like Fleabag, and we're sure you'll find your next series of choices. Please leave us more suggestions in the comments below.


Is Fleabag Any Good?

This is a quirky and dark series where her narrative style, addressing the audience directly as events unfold, gives the show a creative touch enhanced by the strong writing and robust characters.

Its decidedly British humour also provides the sitcom with a decisive advantage. Fleabag is only sometimes enjoyable, and many awkward and uncomfortable scenes will leave you both entertained and slightly disturbed.

However, between the lines of unapologetic rudeness, there is a strong undercurrent of sadness that invites us to view his situation with compassion.

This emotional tension adds depth to the series, creating uncertainty about how we feel. All these details make Fleabag a well-crafted and complex series worth watching.

How Many Seasons Does Fleabag Have?

Fleabag premiered in July 2016 with a six-episode serial. With excellent critical acclaim and gaining fans all over the world, the second season was aired in March 2019 with another six episodes.

Despite its popularity, Fleabag is not expected to have a third season, thus ending with two seasons and twelve episodes.

Where To Watch Fleabag?

Though it originally aired on UK tv, Fleabag is available to watch and stream around the world.

Depending on where you live, you can find it on various streaming platforms.

To make things easy we've list all the places you can watch Fleabag here.

How Many Awards Has Fleabag Won?

Fleabag has become one of the most popular series in its category, making it into the Guardian's Top 10 list of the 100 best TV shows of the 21st century.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, it has been nominated for over seventy awards in several categories over the years, winning over thirty.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge won Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme at the British Academy Television Awards and Best Writer at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, as well as, Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Golden Nymph Awards and Best Writing – Comedy and Advance at the Royal Television Society Awards.

In 2017, Fleabag also won Best TV Series at the NME Awards and Best Comedy Series – English Language at the Rockie Awards.

The second season of the drama came with even more strength and received 11 nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards, where it walked away with a total of six awards with standouts including Best Comedy or Musical Series, Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and Best Screenplay in a Comedy or Musical.

Fleabag won the 2019 Emmy for Best Comedy Series and Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Additional acting nominations were received by Clifford, Olivia Colman and guest stars Fiona Shaw and Kristin Scott Thomas.

In addition to the over thirty awards it received throughout its second season, Fleabag was the winner of two Golden Globes in the categories of Best Comedy or Musical Series and Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

A unique and award-winning series that is well worth watching!

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