Shows Like Friday Night Lights – 11 Awesome Series To Stream

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a show about a high school football team. It's set in the small town of Dillon and follows the team's journey through the ups and downs of their season.

The show was praised for its realistic portrayal of small town life and the complex relationships between the characters.

If you're looking for a new TV series to watch and you're a fan of Friday Night Lights, we have some good news for you. There are a number of great  shows out there that are similar to FNL and will provide you with hours of entertainment.

These shows all have unique stories and characters, but they share the same ‘Friday Night Lights‘ vibe. We've also included a couple of sports documentaries that will pull you in and make you feel like you're a part of the team.

My favorite on this list of shows like Friday Night Lights is Bloodline; it stars Kyle Chandler, who also plays the lead (American football coach Eric Taylor) in Friday Night Lights.

Also, check out ‘Rising Phoenix‘; it's an extraordinary true story about nine Paralympians and their incredible struggles to overcome enormous odds and compete in the Paralympic games.



If you enjoyed our list of shows like Friday Night Lights, you might want to revisit the original series. But where can you stream the show?

Netflix has added all five seasons of Friday Night Lights, which is set to have another well-deserved resurgence in popularity.

In the U.K., the show is also available to stream on Channel 4, and you can also watch it on NOW TV and IMDB TV.

Fans in other countries can download Friday Night Lights for a fee on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.


The show was set in the fictional small town of Dillon, Texas, but it was filmed in Austin, Texas.

Just north of Austin, the Pflugerville High School stadium served as the primary location in the series' pilot episode. The school's mascot is the Panthers, making it even more fitting.

The family home used by the high school football coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his wife Tami Taylor (Connie Britton, The White Lotus) is located in the University Hills area adjacent to Windsor Park.

Many locals were used as extras during filming, and some even had minor speaking roles.

If you're ever in Austin, you can take a self-guided tour of the Friday Night Lights filming locations.

Just be sure to visit during the day- some of the neighborhoods where the show was filmed can be unsafe at night.


There are five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Each season has between 13 and 22 episodes; 76 episodes were produced.

The show about high school football initially aired on NBC from 2006 to 2011. Filming for the series pilot began in February 2006 in Austin, Texas.

The first season of Friday Night Lights premiered in October 2006 and concluded in May 2007.

The second season aired from October 2007 to April 2008, and the third season began airing in October 2008 and ended in February 2009.

The fourth season began airing on NBC in April 2009 and concluded its run in February 2010.

The fifth and final season of the show aired on DirecTV's The 101 Network from July 15, 2011, to September 20, 2011.

Friday Night Lights was one of the first shows filmed using high-definition cameras.


The series was created by Peter Berg and debuted in October 2006, intending to captivate a broad audience of football fans.

The show was based on H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger's 1990 non-fiction book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, as well as the 2004 film inspired by the book; the series gained plenty of fans over its five-season run so what caused NBC to terminate the drama?

Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) moved to the small town to coach the Dillon High Panthers. He also brought his wife Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), a civil and history teacher, and their teenage daughter.

Head Coach Taylor and his wife Tami are the only two characters to appear in every episode of the sports drama.

The first season of Friday Night Lights did not set viewership records, but it convinced NBC to order a second season.

Fans of Friday Night Lights rallied together after news leaked that the series was in danger of being canceled following season 2. The network listened and responded by ordering the high school sports drama for another season.

Season 3 was judged a success, leading to a two-season renewal before officially concluding in 2011 because of a continued drop in viewership for the family drama.


Kyle Chandler plays the high school football coach at the center of the series. Connie Britton stars as his wife and counselor to many of the high school football players.

Since appearing in the show, Kyle Chandler has worked on many major motion pictures and TV series. The actor had roles in Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Chandler returned to television in 2015 with Bloodline, a Netflix drama series for which he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.

Since ending her role as Tami Taylor in the fictional town of Dillion, Connie Britton has worked on several big series and movies. Notably, she starred in American Horror Story: Murder House, Nashville, and the hit Netflix series – Dirty John.

One cast member whose career exploded following his appearance on the show is Jesse Plemons. In 2006, when he was 18, Plemons joined the ensemble cast of FNL; even though Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons) was not on the team, he provided comic relief as Matt Saracen's best friend.

Since leaving the show, Plemons has appeared in the following movies and series: Bridge Of Spies, Fargo, Jungle Cruise, Breaking Bad, The Power of the Dog, Black Mirror, and Netflix movie Windfall.


The show has great characters and storylines, which keeps fans watching Friday Night Lights. It also has a lot of heart, which is why it has such a passionate and loyal fan base.

The show is also very relatable, as it deals with universal themes like love, loss, friendship, betrayal, and redemption.

Friday Night Lights is also one of the few shows that realistically portrays small-town life and the struggles of running a football program.

Many viewers can relate to the characters and their struggles, making the show even more enjoyable.

Finally, the acting on the show is top-notch, which helps to make the characters and storylines even more believable.

And finally, Friday Night Lights was one of the first shows filmed using high-definition cameras, making it look even better than other TV shows aired at the same time.


Tami Taylor consumes 45 glasses of wine throughout the entire run of Friday Night Lights.

She downs roughly half a glass an episode, and she consumes the most during Season 4; she drinks the least in Seasons 2 and 3. Her longest stints of sobriety appear in Season 2 and at the conclusion of Season 3.

Comedian Amy Schumer famously mocked the series for its portrayal of Tami's drinking habits; in the skit for her show, Schumer portrays the coach's wife, who is constantly carrying a wine glass that gets larger over time.

Friday Night light fans saw the skit as a sign that the series had finally achieved mainstream success.


There are many popular movies and TV series about American football. Some of the most well-known include The Blind Side, Rudy, and Remember the Titans.

These films depict the ups and downs of high school and college football players and teams and often focus on the importance of teamwork and family.

Other popular football films include Friday Night Lights, The Longest Yard, and Any Given Sunday. These movies often showcase the more violent and competitive side of the sport and emphasize the importance of winning.

While they may not be as family-friendly as some other football films, they are still very popular and well-loved by fans of the sport.

Another classic sports movie is ‘Coach Carter.' It stars Samuel L. Jackson as basketball coach Ken Carter who made headlines in 1999 for benching his entire high school basketball team due to poor academic performance. The film also stars Rob Brown, Rick Gonzalez, Ashanti, and Channing Tatum.

Upon its release, Coach Carter received widespread critical acclaim. The film grossed over $67 million dollars at the box office, and Jackson's performance was praised by many.

While it is not a football movie, it is still a very popular sports film that has resonated with many people.

There are also numerous TV series about football, including Friday Night Lights, Blue Mountain State, and Ballers.

These shows often focus on the personal lives of the players and coaches and the competitive side of the sport.

They offer a unique and exciting look into the world of American football and are very popular with fans of the sport.

Whether you're an American Football lover or not, there are many fantastic movies and TV series about the game worth seeing.

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