9 Shows Like Friends That Are Streaming Now

Shows Like Friends

If you are looking for more ‘shows like Friends' to stream right now, then keep reading: Friends is a TV series that aired from 1994-2004 and became an American cultural phenomenon. Friends was about six friends who hung out in New York City, dealing with the challenges of life, love, work, family and other issues while cracking jokes along the way.

It has been off the air for over 17 years now, but you can still watch all ten seasons on Netflix!

Why Was Friends So Popular?

Friends was so popular because it had a diverse and well-written cast of characters. There were six main characters that all had different personalities, and they all interacted with each other brilliantly. The storylines in the show were also exciting, and you could follow along easily; you could also miss an episode, and it wouldn't impact the show's plot too much.

The Friends cast was also really likeable, and they all had strong chemistry with each other, which made the show seem more realistic than others at the time.

It's hard to think of any flaws in Friends, maybe too sitcom-y, or some may say there are not enough ‘realistic' things happening. However, the show remains the gold standard of situation comedy.

Other Shows Like Friends

The Bottom Line: Friends is one of those shows that will be on TV for years to come, and it has a large cult following even today. If you haven't watched it yet, check out Netflix, where all ten seasons are streaming! If you want recommendations on what to watch once you've finished with Friends, check out our list below.

The List

We have 100s of great comedy series reviewed and rated, but we wanted to make it easier for you by creating a list of all the best Friends-like shows currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon. Make sure you check out our other reviews to find your next favourite show!

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