Shows Like Full House – 9 Brilliant Family Sitcoms

Shows Like Full House – 9 Brilliant Family Sitcoms

Full House is a comedy sitcom created by Jeff Franklin and follows a widowed father who is forced to ask for help to raise his three daughters.

Running from 1987 to 1995, the series remained in the top 30 of American television ratings throughout its original run and has gained further popularity in reruns and internationally.

What Is Full House About?

After the death of his wife in a car accident by a drunk driver, sports reporter Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) finds himself alone to raise his three daughters, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen).

As a result, he recruits his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend since childhood, Joey Gladstone, to help.

Jesse (John Stamos) is his late wife's younger brother and a rock musician, while Joey (Dave Coulier) works as a stand-up comedian.

The friends join Danny, and all move into the house for the benefit of the children. However, what should only be a few weeks turns into years of living together, and over time the three men and the girls bond and grow closer to each other.

Throughout the sitcom, we follow the growth and misadventures of this improvised family, where we share Michele's first steps, watch Jesse charm the ladies, laugh at Joey's goofiness, and even Danny's indelicate jokes.

Considered a family show, Full House has been cherished by audiences for its storytelling and naive humour, which always ends with a positive message about the importance of family, friendship, honesty and other values.

A sequel to the series premiered on Netflix in February 2016 entitled Fuller House, with the same director and some of the main characters, following the same premise, but now with their grown-up sons and grandchildren.

Shows Like Full House

If you enjoyed the sitcom and are looking for new comedies to truly liven up your days, come and check out the list of nine shows like Full House that we've compiled for you.

Experience life from the point of view of a unique and curious 11-year-old boy whose unpredictable world forces him to invent his own solutions to life's problems creatively, in Boy Meets World.

Recall some social issues and historical events in the late 1960s-early 1970s through the eyes of a teenager, who is now older and more experienced, describes and recounts what he has learned from his experiences, in The Wonder Years.

Discover another family sitcom inspired by Chris Rock's childhood, his adolescence growing up in the 1980s with an eccentric, healthy, and close-knit African American family, in Everybody Hates Chris.

Whatever your preference, we're sure you'll find a new series of choices in our shows like Full House.

And, as always, if you have any other suggestions, just leave a comment!


How Many Seasons Does Full House Have?

Full House premiered in September 1987, with the first season of 22 episodes.

Although the first season was not the most successful, the series quickly became popular with the second season, which aired in October of the following year.

Keeping on top of the charts, the show released another season for each subsequent year until its eighth and final season in September 1994.

The last episode broadcasted was in May 1995, thus ending with a total of 192 episodes over eight seasons.

Despite continuing to remain in the top 30, the station announced that it was cancelling the show after eight seasons due to rising production costs.

Millions of viewers watched the ending of Full House, and its popularity remained such that it led to its sequel Fuller House 21 years later.

Who Was DJ's Boyfriend In Full House

As the girls grow they go through all of the normal teenage experiences including getting boyfriends!

Steve Hale, who was D.J.'s boyfriend in seasons six and seven, was the last main character added to the show. He was played by Scott Weinger.

He reprised his role in Fuller House as a podiatrist and D.J.'s high school sweetheart turned husband and was in all five seasons of the reboot.

What Is The Appropriate Age To Watch Full House?

Full House was considered by many to be a family series due to its moving story and the sense of family created.

Indeed, the famous Olson twins took turns playing the younger daughter Michelle and won several young actress performance awards throughout the seasons.

Occasionally, the girls seem eager to grow up too fast, and the pre-teen cast members discuss issues such as weight gain and jealousy.

The family arrangement is not traditional, but there is no problem that the three friends can't solve in a short time.

The ability to see them growing up throughout the series, with all the achievements and challenges of life, makes this sitcom very warm and moving to watch.

Although it is the parent's responsibility to choose the type of content they want to let their children watch, we recommend this series for young pre-teens from eight years old.

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