Shows Like Ginny & Georgia On Netflix – 10 Series To Stream Now

Ginny and Georgia

If you've already binged the whole first season, and you're waiting for season 2 of this fabulous series, you'll be ready for more shows like Ginny & Georgia.

These series and movies listed here have a mother-daughter relationships at the forefront, with plenty of drama mixed in.

Some of these picks might be new to you, while others might be old favorites. But all of them will keep you entertained. So if you're looking for a new show to watch next, keep reading!

Ginny & Georgia follows the mother and daughter as they adjust to their new life and navigate their complicated relationship. It's a heartwarming and humorous look at the challenges and joys of motherhood, friendship, and growing up.

Our list reflects the themes of Ginny & Georgia with shows like Gilmore Girls and movies like Lady Bird. There's something for everyone, so keep reading to find your perfect next show!



Ginny is played by Antonia Gentry, Ginny is the first prominent recurring role for Gentry on Netflix. Gentry was born and raised in Atlanta before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Gentry's previous experience included performing in local theater productions written by her mother. Antonia was about to graduate from college when she was cast as Ginny.

On the show, Ginny and Georgia have a 15-year difference in age, but IRL they only have an eight-year gap.

The rising star also acted in Raising Dion and Candy Jar, in addition to playing Ginny.


The actress who plays the character of Georgia, Brittany Howey, drew inspiration for the part from her own mother. Brittany is an accomplished actress who has worked in both television and film.

Her credits include TV series Hawaii Five-0, Hart of Dixie, Criminal Minds, NCIS and movies such as Time Trap, Horrible Bosses 2 and Suckerpunch.


The Netflix series is a coming-of-age high-school comedy-drama about a mother and daughter who move to a picturesque New England town in order to start over.

The series is set in the fictitious city of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, but the filming was done in Toronto and Cobourg, Ontario (Canada).

The families beautiful home in Wellsbury is actually located in the Parkdale-High Park district in York, Toronto. The house, which was constructed in 1928 in the Colonial Revival style, is situated within the exclusive Baby Point neighborhood.

Many of the town of Wellsbury's scenes were shot in and around the Victoria Hall in Cobourg, which served as the town hall.

Cobourg is a picturesque village on the shores of Lake Ontario about 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of Toronto.


Streaming service Netflix has had a banner year, with new seasons of fan favorites like Russian Doll, Lucifer, and After Life. But they've also been killing it with their own original programming, including docuseries like Bad Vegan and Worst Roommate Ever.

Another great show like Ginny and Georgia on Netflix is The Bold Type, this series that follows the lives of three friends who work together at a women's magazine. The show covers a range of topics, from love and friendship to career and ambition. The characters are strong and independent, and they're always fighting for what they believe in. The Bold Type is a feel-good show that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

If you're looking for something a little different, try iZombie. It's a series that came out in 2015. It's about a girl named Liv who turns into a zombie and has to eat brains to survive.

She starts working in a morgue so she can have access to brains and ends up solving crimes because she can see memories from the victims when she eats their brains. The show is really funny and has a lot of great characters. If you're looking for something new to watch, iZombie is definitely worth checking out.


One of the biggest shows in recent years is Euphoria. However, you'll need a HBO or Sky TV subscription to view it.

Euphoria is a show that premiered in 2019. The show follows a group of teenagers as they navigate love, drugs, sex, and trauma in their everyday lives.

The series has been praised for its honest portrayal of teenage life, as well as its graphic depictions of drug use and sexual content. While some viewers find the show to be disturbing and gritty, others appreciate its frankness and believe that it is an important representation of the experiences of many young people today.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the show, there is no denying that Euphoria is a groundbreaking series that has sparked important conversations about teen mental health and addiction.


We hope you enjoy our recommendations for shows like Ginny and Georgia. Be sure to check out our other series and movie reviews for more great TV suggestions.

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