Shows Like Hart Of Dixie – 8 Heartfelt Drama Series To Stream

Shows Like Hart Of Dixie – 8 Heartfelt Drama Series To Stream

Hart of Dixie is a comedy-drama series created by Leila Gerstein. Starring Rachel Bilson as Dr Zoe Hart, the series has gained great success among fans.

The series follows the life of Zoe Hart, a true citizen of New York City, with a well-planned and settled life. A recently graduated doctor, Zoe works in her father's clinic and aims to be a cardio surgeon as good as he is.

However, her life takes a turn when she discovers that her birth father was Dr Harley Wilkes, who lived in a small town in rural Alabama called Bluebell.

When Dr Wilkes passes away and leaves his practice as an inheritance to his daughter, Zoe is forced to move and leave behind her busy metropolis life to get used to the quiet countryside routine.

If you don't want to miss an excellent dramatic comedy and are looking for a good series to keep you company in the evenings, check out the list of nine options we've put together for you.

So if you're not sure what to watch next, check out our list of shows like Hart of Dixie. And don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.


How Many Seasons Does Hart of Dixie Have?

Hart of Dixie premiered in September 2011 with the first season of 22 episodes. The series was renewed in May the following year for a second season, which aired in October 2012.

A year later, the third season came out, and in December 2014, the fourth and final season of the series debuted.

Hart of Dixie was cancelled after four seasons, ending with a total of 76 episodes over four seasons.

Why Was Hart of Dixie Cancelled?

Hart of Dixie ended after its fourth season. At the time of the show's cancellation, protagonist Rachel Bilson was pregnant with her daughter, which led to some speculation that the actress was ready to leave the series to focus on being a full-time mother.

However, the actress cleared up the rumours and quickly posted a photo of herself backstage alongside the show's audience on Instagram. The release made it clear she wasn't ready for Hart of Dixie to end, quoting, “Just wanted to clarify something, the cancellation of HOD had nothing to do with me or my pregnancy. I loved my show, and I loved playing Zoe Hart, thanks to everyone who watched.”

It seems that the real reason for the show's cancellation was due to the linear ratings that just weren't up to expectations. When the third and fourth seasons of the series stopped airing on Fridays, the show's ratings declined.

Although the cancellation was a little unexpected, the series concluded with an end-of-season celebration, where all the love triangles were resolved, and all the central questions were answered with a lot of fun along the way.

Hart of Dixie, therefore, had a satisfying ending, even though it left many fans feeling nostalgic.

Is Hart of Dixie Worth Watching?

Although Hart of Dixie didn't have an astounding success, it gained quite a number of fans all over the world. The series maintained good ratings with mixed reviews but began to decline in the last two seasons.

With a well-constructed and engaging plot, the cast of the series is just phenomenal. The show's comic side brings empathy to all the characters, and the contrasts between the city and country lifestyles are delightful to watch.

The drama part of the show makes it more accurate, and you gain a sense of curiosity that keeps you hooked on each episode.

Although the series had some controversy due to its portrayal of the southern side and country life, its entertaining and amusing side makes Hart of Dixie a great series to watch from the comfort of your couch.

Hart of Dixie Cast

While we can never fully replace the adored show, we do think our list of shows like Hart of Dixie can fill the void a little.

Alternatively, here is the cast of the hit series, all of whom went on to star in other great shows and movies.

Rachel Bilson as Zoe Wilkes Hart

Scott Porter (Ginny & Georgia) as George Tucker

Jaime King (Black Summer) as Lemon Breeland

Cress Williams as Lavon Hayes

Wilson Bethel as Wade Kinsella

Tim Matheson as Bertram “Brick” Breeland

Kaitlyn Black as Annabeth Nass

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